Your professional profile: The Linkedin Series

"Your network is your net worth." - Porter Gale

It’s our final day at Elite Retreat - and it’s been an amazing few days.

Over the coming weeks, I’ll be distilling some of the content and helping you explore some of the tools that we’ve talked about and I’ll be sharing some of my takeaways.

If you can’t wait, take a sneaky look at, which I learned about during Jeff Turner’s presentation.

I’ve just spent 30 minutes chatting to (her/him) like (he/she) is a regular human - and safe to say… 🤯

Until I’ve had a chance to sort through my notes, here’s my series of LinkedIn posts - designed to help you get engagement on Linkedin - from your headline to creating connections and engagement.

For my new subscribers, welcome - I hope you find these useful - and if you do, please share with your friends and colleagues who should be leveraging the power of AI.

Happy Hunting 🚀