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Passionate, trustworthy and honest: Here's how to improve your LinkedIn Headline

"Your network is the people who want to help you, and you want to help them, and that's really powerful." – Reid Hoffman, Co-founder of LinkedIn

This week, I thought we could do a few deeper dives into AI and LinkedIn.

If you’ve done any course with me, you’ll know (historically) that I haven’t had a lot of love for LinkedIn—except that as a real estate professional, I think it’s great for growing your audience and professional network.

If you don’t connect with every person you meet (and I mean that), you’re wasting an opportunity to build a personal database. If you have a Pro/Sales Navigator account on LinkedIn, I am pretty sure you can still download your contacts to your phone.

Just a simple, “It was nice to meet you at xxxx, would be great to connect on LinkedIn.” 

Simple, no selling, just a connection (we will deal with what to post to your feed later in the week!)

Today’s Prompt of the Day

Just before you start connecting with everyone, we’ll go through a few prompts and tidy up our profiles with ChatGPT, starting with your headline.

Step #1: You can no longer use the words passionate, trustworthy or honest in your headline. No consumer I know searches for “passionate real estate agent” on LinkedIn. If you can find me one, let me know.

Step #2: Your headline must summarise what you are all about in one line. If I were a real estate agent, I’d probably include my work mobile number there so you can be easily contacted.

Firstly, you could ask ChatGPT: 

What are the main keywords on Linkedin for a [job title] in the [specific industry]

But if you ask, “What are the main keywords on LinkedIn for a sales agent in the real estate industry?” you’ll probably get some generic answers.

You could use those with a headline like [job title] at [company] | keywords | call [your number]

Or instead, to try to catch more searches, you could try something like:

I'm a real estate sales agent in Runaway Bay. Can you please give me some ideas for my LinkedIn headline with popular keywords. No more than 120 characters.

And you get:

  1. "Experienced Real Estate Agent | Specializing in Runaway Bay Properties"

  2. "Runaway Bay's Dedicated Realtor | Helping Clients Find Their Dream Homes"

  3. "Real Estate Specialist in Runaway Bay | Your Key to Home Buying Success"

  4. "Runaway Bay Property Expert | Guiding You Home Every Step of the Way"

  5. "Trusted Real Estate Professional | Delivering Exceptional Service in Runaway Bay"

This is OK, but every good marketer knows you need a niche.

So, I asked ChatGPT to tweak things a little:

My niche is waterfront homes. Could you please tweak those headlines for me?

A little better (with #5 bordering on kinda clever…)

  1. "Expert in Waterfront Homes | Real Estate Agent in Runaway Bay"

  2. "Specializing in Runaway Bay Waterfront Properties | Your Trusted Realtor"

  3. "Turning Waterfront Dreams into Reality | Runaway Bay Real Estate Agent"

  4. "Runaway Bay Waterfront Homes Specialist | Your Guide to Lakeside Living"

  5. "Navigating the Waters of Real Estate | Expert in Runaway Bay Waterfront Homes"

But ChatGPT always does best when given an explicit formula, so here is my final prompt:

Based on this formula [value proposition] + [speciality] could you write me a Linkedin Headline no more than 120 characters. My value proposition is that I have been in the local area for 20 years, and I have recently achieved some digital marketing qualifications

And with a little more teasing and tweaking, I think I am finally happy with this:

"20-Yr Local Agent & Digital Pro | Waterfront Homes in Runaway Bay | Call [Your Number]"

Tomorrow, we will deal with the About/Summary section.

Happy Hunting 🚀

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