How to get more engagement and reach on LinkedIn, faster.

"Consistency is key. Show up regularly, deliver value, and your audience will grow..." - Marie Forleo

Next up in our LinkedIn series this week, we will discuss generating posts/articles.

Posting regularly on LinkedIn can have a considerable impact on your career because even if you don’t have reach on LinkedIn, your content only has to reach some of the right people who are interested in that topic for them to allow you to collaborate.

But who in real estate has the time to write heaps of great content?

In reality, it doesn’t take a lot of time to create average content.

You can even buy that stuff cheap.

And yes, you can put a paid budget behind it, but putting a paid budget behind average content gives average content better reach (so it's not the best strategy).

You must create better content, follow LinkedIn’s rules, and establish an ‘engagement squad’ (I’ll get to what an engagement squad is in a moment!)

Enter today’s AI tool of the day.

Today’s tool of the day

I’ll get to some prompts tomorrow, but I’ve been using this tool for my LinkedIn lately, which I’ve been loving.

It’s called Taplio - and is an all-in-one tool that helps the rest of us grow a personal brand on LinkedIn.

Here are just some of the things you can do:

  • Search for high-performing posts; so you can see what’s getting reactions and engagement for the “attention masters” in your field of interest (eg real estate)

  • Find your own best posts and double down on them (no more guesswork!)

  • Get a personalised selection of posts tailored to your interest and or industry - kind of like a personal LinkedIn content assistant.

  • Use built-in AI to generate posts (uses a choice GPT-3 or 4), providing you with professionally written content on demand, and it can even re-write other people’s viral LinkedIn posts (so you can make them your own).

  • The tool even includes an auto DMs (Direct Message) feature for easy and automated communication when someone likes or engages with your posts.

  • Take advantage of an inbuilt ‘engagement squad’.

What’s an engagement squad, you might ask?

On LinkedIn, your posts will get more organic reach if :

  • You don’t immediately link out (sending people off the platform), and

  • Other people engage with your posts

Lots of folks out there have an ‘informal’ engagement squad - an unwritten rule to just engage with each other’s posts, which gets everyone more reach (or that’s that theory!)

If your personal engagement squad isn’t that reliable, or you don’t have one, you can engage with other Taplio users in your interest area, and they will engage with yours… (and it’s not a bad way to make new connections on LinkedIn)

Taplio offers a 7-day free trial and a 30-day money-back guarantee for users to try out its features risk-free.

I was going to make a video, but this guy (one of the founders) explains it all pretty well.

Happy Hunting! 🚀

PS - Some content prompts coming tomorrow!

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