Mastering the art of a stand-out Linkedin Summary

"Your LinkedIn summary is your opportunity to make a strong first impression and stand out from the crowd." - Wayne Breitbarth

Yesterday, we examined LinkedIn headlines; today, as promised, we will examine the all-important ‘Summary’ or ‘About’ field.

Your Profile Summary is the next most important field after your headline if you want to be found.

LinkedIn even says members who include a summary receive up to 3.9x as many profile views.

So, a good summary section is not in any way optional.

Today’s Prompt of the Day

This exercise has been used in many Transform Challenges, always with mixed results.

But ChatGPT could make it way more simple in the future:

Please write me a LinkedIn Summary section. Include an emotionally engaging opening statement. Write in a conversational but professional style. Limit your response to 300 words. Here is my information: [and then paste your information] 
  • I’ve decided to use myself as the lab rat on this prompt using this information

  • I started Elite Agent with less than nothing and built an engaged audience and a thriving community

  • My work at Elite Agent involves turning regular people in the industry into industry influencers

  • I am the host of the Elevate Podcast which has amassed over 500,000 downloads

  • I have won 3 Mumbrella Editor of the Year awards and led Elite Agent to two business magazine of the year awards

  • I am trying to leave the industry in a better place by elevating it through education and good news

  • I am an early technology adopter, love AI, content creation, marketing and love no code development particularly with Glide Apps

  • Prior to Elite Agent I spent time in bid management and corporate sales, closing multiple multi-million dollar deals

Sadly… the result I get makes me sound like I’m crazy full of myself, so much so that I am too embarrassed to paste the response below.

So my next prompt (and trust me, folks, this is the important one) is that you need to present this to your target audience in such a way that they clearly understand the benefit of working with you over someone else, so it’s about them and not about you.

This is a lot about me, can you please turn it around and give me a summary of what might be the benefit in working with me from the point of view of a potential customer?

And I get something slightly better, but now I’m speaking about myself in the third person (weird), so on this occasion, we’re going to need a third prompt:

Could you please rewrite this in the first person and make it sound like a human wrote it?

Finally, we get something that I am happy to tweak. If you’re new here, remember that ChatGPT is a ‘first-draft’ tool.

Here’s my tweaked final result (with around 5 minutes of editing)

Hey, hey - I'm Samantha, and I'm thrilled to connect with you.

Together with my husband, Mark, I co-founded Elite Agent. Our mission is to uplift the real estate industry by delivering forward-thinking, hype-free news and innovative education that fosters knowledge and fuels ambition.

As the host of the Elevate Podcast, I've had the privilege of connecting with more than half a million listeners and sharing valuable insights and stories that have the power to transform careers. It's been an honour to receive three Mumbrella Editor of the Year awards and see Elite Agent recognised with two Business Magazine of the Year awards.

More recently, I have found a real passion for writing and speaking on AI and real estate with practical use cases, tips and examples. If you need a speaker, send me a DM or email me [email protected]. You can find plenty of resources on AI and real estate on I’ve also written a course on using Gen AI in real estate and run workshops to help real estate professionals win more listings and stay ahead of the curve using tools like ChatGPT.

Before embarking on the Elite Agent adventure, I spent years in the corporate world, honing my skills in consulting and technology. I've pursued and closed multi-million dollar deals, and I bring that experience in negotiation, marketing, and strategic thinking to all our courses and client collaborations.

At the end of the day, my mission is simple: to bring positivity and care to a tough industry that is often misjudged based on mainstream headlines. The good people in the industry deserve better.

I look forward to connecting.

Happy Hunting 🚀

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