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Real estate loves a good quote, so let's get social with ChatGPT

A well rounded social strategy should add value to your followers, but if you like a good quote here's how to incorporate some into your overall posting schedule..

If there is a favourite quote of all marketers, or one I’m known for it’s probably this one…

Hello again!

This time, it’s from United Gate 33 at Austin-Bergman Barbara Johnson terminal. The start of our trip home … albeit staying a couple of nights in Houston to look at the scenery for a bit after an intense four-day conference.

Over the last week, I’ve received a few requests for ideas on social posts with ChatGPT, so today’s post will be simple but effective, using famous quotes.

Nobody can deny that the real estate industry loves a good motivational quote. If there was some kind of food shortage we could pretty much live on them.

But… you often see social shares where the person posting takes credit for the person who originally said it.

The other thing is that I think a well-rounded social media strategy should include a number of things that make you worth following—things that provide value and show who you are that your followers cannot get anywhere else.

Quotes aren’t necessarily the best thing for that unless they are used in a way that also delivers value.

Anyway, here is the prompt, it’s a simple one I think you’ll like:

Give me 20 famous quotes about [real estate], then give me a post idea for [Instagram] that is that's related to the main idea of each of them

Understanding that real estate is something you do, not who you are (something Ryan Serhant said to me on our podcast), you might want to try some variations of this.

Depending on your outside interests (e.g., community, surfing, networking, technology), you might want to try this prompt with those things. You might also want to change Instagram to your social platform of choice (eg LinkedIn, TikTok, Facebook etc).

If you want a shortcut to create some Canva tiles in bulk - take a look at this post, which has step-by-step instructions:

I’ve popped the Ryan Serhant replay for you below as well.

Let me know how you go!

Happy Hunting 🚀

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