The last minute Easter Egg Hunt...

Not really about real estate, but might be helpful to busy parents in real estate!

If you've been chasing clients or deals all week, you might not have had time to scratch, let alone think about the Easter Bunny's arrival on Sunday.

But if you’ve got kids, I have a solution…

Today’s ChatGPT prompt is inspired by Elite Agent magazine Editor Kylie Dulhunty, who was asked by her 11-year-old to come up with a treasure hunt for her birthday on the same day the party was to be held.

Quick-thinking-Kylie decided to ask the robot, with great success.

Today’s prompt of the day

So, I couldn’t help but wonder - what if we modified the prompt for an egg hunt? The prompt I used looked like this:

(Obviously - you’ll adjust your age and clue numbers as required!)

Can you please give me 10 clues for an easter egg hunt for my kids, who are 8 and 10? Please use common household objects in the clues.

Here’s what the robot gave me:

  1. Clue 1: "To find the first egg, look for a place where you rest your head, it's soft and fluffy, and where you dream in bed." (Hidden in a pillowcase)

  2. Clue 2: "The next egg is hiding where you find the morning news, open the pages, and you'll see an egg-shaped surprise." (Hidden in a newspaper or magazine)

  3. Clue 3: "Search for this egg where you find the socks, all paired up and neatly tucked in a box." (Hidden in a sock drawer)

  4. Clue 4: "This egg's hiding spot is where you store your plates, look high and low, and find your next fate." (Hidden in a kitchen cabinet with plates)

  5. Clue 5: "To find this hidden egg, look where you keep your shoes, a small surprise awaits in the place you choose." (Hidden in a shoe or shoe rack)

  6. Clue 6: "This egg has a green thumb; it loves to be near plants, look closely at the leaves, and you might catch a glance." (Hidden near a houseplant)

  7. Clue 7: "The next egg is hiding where your jackets are hung, search in the pockets, and you'll find more fun!" (Hidden in a coat pocket)

  8. Clue 8: "This egg loves to read, so it hid in a place where you find your favourite books, all neatly arranged." (Hidden on a bookshelf)

  9. Clue 9: "To find the ninth egg, look where you eat, underneath the table, you'll find a sweet treat." (Hidden under the dining table)

  10. Clue 10: "The final egg is hiding where you wash and dry, search near the spinning machines, and your basket will be high!" (Hidden near the washer or dryer)

Make it pop!

We’re going to pretty this up and impress the kids with our great use of Canva in triple quick time (you could use this technique to make business cards, or a heap of social media posts quickly too…)

  1. Copy and paste your clues into a Google Sheet

  1. Download the sheet as a CSV, and head to Canva.

  2. Create any design - such as an Instagram Post. Choose a template with a quote, then click on the Bulk Create app. Here’s the template I chose:

Once you do that, you’ll get the opportunity to either enter data manually or choose to upload a CSV.

Then you pretty much follow Canva’s instructions (10 seconds of effort) to get a tile per clue (no copying and pasting!)

Then you can print the clues out, and appropriately hide them with the choccies on Saturday night 🍷 and watch the delighted faces on Sunday morning.

Happy Hunting 🐰

Let me know how you go in the comments!

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