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Can you mix margarita's with mansions? With ChatGPT you can...

There’s an official ‘day’ for everything these days.

I’m looking at the site “Days of the Year” and just this week we have:

  • World Cloud Security Day (tomorrow)

  • Independent Artist Day

  • National Film Score Day

  • National Hug a Newsperson Day (Thursday, if anyone is interested 🤗 )

  • National Ranch Water Day… (If you don’t know, that’s code for a Texas version of a skinny margarita 🍸)

… and the list goes on.

Today, for example, is Children’s Picture Book Day, Don’t walk your dog day, World Autism Day and International Fact Checking Day.

Some of these may seem random, and to be truthful, they are. You might be wondering how to create social media posts around these, particularly if they are unrelated to you.

To that I would say, that a good real estate social media presence is not all ‘one note’.

And alongside your bread-and-butter real estate content some fun and entertaining content doesn’t hurt.

So that’s where these “days of the year” type lists can come in quite handy - with a little creativity and your writing assistant ChatGPT, they can become a source of endless inspiration.

But let’s first relate them to what we do.

Prompt of the Day

A while back, I gave y’all a prompt on finding the hidden connections between two seemingly unrelated things, and this methodology is similar.

We’re going to find the relationship between something seemingly unrelated to our jobs (hug a newsreader) and relate it to real estate.

The prompt goes like this:

Give me 20 creative options for social media posts for a [real estate] business celebrating [day of the year].

Day of the year = [Insert here]

So what that might look like in practice is:

Give me 20 creative options for social media posts for a real estate business celebrating [day of the year].

Day of the year = [hug a newsperson day]

ChatGPT’s response is at this link - and I’ve also pasted it for you below. I do like #16… and bonus - it might also get you editorial in the future!

Happy Hunting 🚀

Here’s the full answer

Celebrating "Hug a NewsPerson Day" with a real estate twist can be a fun and engaging way to connect with your audience on social media. Here are 20 creative post ideas:

  1. Behind the Scenes Tour: Offer a behind-the-scenes look at your real estate business, thanking local newspersons for their role in community storytelling.

  2. Newsworthy Listings: Highlight properties that have made the news for unique reasons, like historical significance or unique architecture.

  3. Thank You Video: Post a video message thanking newspersons, featuring your team holding "Happy Hug a NewsPerson Day" signs.

  4. Local News Trivia: Share trivia about your city's news outlets or famous journalists from your area, linking it back to your community's history and properties.

  5. Interview a Journalist: Interview a local newsperson about the housing market or real estate trends and share the insights.

  6. Throwback Posts: Share old news articles or ads about your real estate business, celebrating your history and growth.

  7. Press Release: Write a playful press release about a fictional, extravagant property listing and share it as if it's breaking news.

  8. Journalist-Featured Listings: Showcase properties with a home office ideal for journalists or mention how certain homes have been in the news.

  9. News Themed Contest: Host a contest asking followers to submit news-themed names for properties or funny real estate headlines.

  10. Infographics: Create infographics showing how real estate trends have been covered in the news over the years.

  11. Customer Stories: Share stories or testimonials from clients who found out about your business through local news.

  12. Real Estate FAQ: Answer common real estate questions in a news report style, complete with "live" updates and breaking news graphics.

  13. News-Inspired Home Staging: Post photos of a home staged with a newsroom or vintage newspaper theme.

  14. Partnership Announcements: Announce any partnerships with local news outlets or special real estate segments being planned.

  15. Historical News Tour: Share photos and stories of historical homes in your area that have been featured in the news.

  16. Journalist Appreciation Post: Highlight a local journalist each hour with a brief bio and thank them for their contribution to the community.

  17. Meme Day: Create and share real estate-related memes that newspersons and journalists would appreciate.

  18. Live Q&A: Host a live Q&A on social media, inviting a local newsperson to discuss real estate trends and answer audience questions.

  19. News Headline Challenge: Challenge your team to come up with the funniest or most intriguing real estate news headline.

  20. Highlight Community Events: Share community events or news that impact the local real estate market, expressing gratitude for journalists' coverage.

These post ideas can help you engage with your audience in a unique way, celebrating Hug a NewsPerson Day while promoting your real estate business.

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