Hire Don Draper to edit your listing copy

Yesterday we dipped our toe gently into the water by giving ChatGPT a prompt to write a listing description. Today we're going to take that one step further.

Often when you ask someone to write you an article, you’ll read it and you’ll want changes.

It’s the same with tools like ChatGPT.

Here’s an undeniable truth that I have pinned to the top of my Instagram profile:

Someone is more likely to read it if it’s interesting. Just ask Maz Farrelly.

Today’s prompt of the day:

Yesterday we asked ChatGPT to write a listing description. Now we are going to ask ChatGPT to make it better. But we’re going to hire a famous TV ad man to do it.

Could you please act as a copywriting expert - for example - Don Draper - and write me an opening hook that will stop the scroll?


  • Asking ChatGPT to ‘act as’ an expert in copywriting will get you a much better answer/revision than you otherwise might have just asking a generic question like - “Can you make the opening hook a little catchier…”

  • Let me know how you go in the comments!

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