AI-Powered Agents helps real estate agents learn how to use Gen AI tools like ChatGPT.

About the author: Samantha McLean

Samantha is the co-founder of Elite Agent and the author of popular blog AI Powered Agents.

She has spent the last 10 years creating content that engages audiences is a 3X winner of the Mumbrella Publish Business Editor of the Year, and has led Elite Agent to win Business Magazine of the Year twice – in 2016 and 2020.

Sam knows marketing and client nurture strategies better than most as she has built Elite Agent from the ground up. Not by buying lists or copious amounts of advertising – most of it has been organic.

Before real estate, Sam had 20 years of experience in high tech companies, such as Cisco, British Telecom and Optus.

How AI Powered Agents came about

November 30, 2022, ChatGPT landed and changed the game for everyone in real estate.  

I tested this tool early in the piece, and I immediately felt like my career as a writer and magazine editor might be over – ChatGPT, even the early versions - were that good!

My livelihood depended on creating quality content, but I found that AI could generate some pretty great content way faster than I ever could 😱 

I had two choices: use the tools myself to become super efficient and wait for everyone to catch up – or get ahead and help others in the industry navigate this technology shift.

Of course, I decided on the latter, and so this blog, AI-Powered Agents (, was born.

2023 - on the road to Brisbane, Perth, Sydney, Adelaide, Auckland, Wellington, Canberra and Melbourne

This was where 20+ years of technology, training experience, and studying the industry's top performers came together to create our sellout AI-Powered Agents in-person workshops.

As AI has evolved over the past 12 months – so has the content on this blog.

I’m now really happy to have made the decision to keep up with the AI wave, and the only thing I wish now is that  ChatGPT had been around 10 years ago!

Tony Robbins always said that the quality of your life is dictated by the quality of your questions, and never has this been more relevant when your productivity can be supercharged through the right AI prompt at the right time.

In the future, the quality of your career may be dictated by the quality of your prompts.

So the promise is one prompt or tool per day - 2-3 times per week that will save you time or money.

That’s it.

We don’t want you to be scared of AI.

We want you to use it to save time on mundane tasks and spend more time on the human relationships that matter most.

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