ChatGPT can now remember where you live... 👀

and here's how you can use that to create content that works and converts

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Well, I did say last week that with an announcement like Meta’s, you can 100 per cent expect that Open AI will want to steal a few headlines this week, and that’s exactly what they’ve done.

It’s not with ChatGPT 5, though, but it is something very cool: I’ve finally gained access to ChatGPT’s memory feature. This means you can now ask ChatGPT to remember certain things about you (and you can also ask it to forget everything!).

You might be wondering how this new memory feature is different from the currently available custom instructions, and I honestly don’t know at this point. I guess time will tell; I think the main thing at this point is that instead of explicitly entering custom instructions (like you need to do now), ChatGPT will commit things to memory within chats - and then you can accept or reject them.

I think it will be super useful in use cases like the one I discuss here, where I declared that AI is the new swipe file.

So, using that as a strawman - in today’s video, you’ll see me take ChatGPT’s new memory feature and demonstrate how you can take inspiration from someone else’s content (which is clearly working!) and apply it to your own niche or market.

Happy hunting 🚀

PS This memory feature is currently in rollout - you may have it - or you may not have it - yet! As I understand it will work with both version 3.5 and version 4. I currently have it on my personal account, but not on the corporate account, so if you don’t have it yet, be patient 🤩

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