Getting ChatGPT to remember things

"Every moment spent recalling is a moment not spent re-doing."

ChatGPT is evolving and changing all the time, and today’s post is not a prompt or a tool but more of a time-saving hack.

If you’ve been following these prompts for a while, you’ll know they usually start with something like, “I’m a real estate agent in Runaway Bay, could you please…”

This gives ChatGPT important context on who you are and what time of response you are looking for (and, of course, always remember to say please and thank you to the robot!)

But, like me, you’ve probably found yourself repeating the context a lot.

Now, if you’re on a paid ChatGPT plan, you can save your most regular instructions; here is how to turn it on and save yourself some time.

  1. Go to settings (bottom left corner), click on Beta features and turn Custom instructions on.

  1. Once you’ve done this, you’ll see this little message popup, click on it.

  1. This info box will pop up, click OK

  1. Now you can enter things you want ChatGPT to remember (see thought starters)

  1. Now you can also add some criteria in the second box on how you would like to be responded to, including how you want to be addressed (Sir/Madam, perhaps 😂), and whether or not you want an opinion (remember ChatGPT has some biases based on whatever information it’s been trained on)

  1. Hit the save button, and you’re done.

Don’t forget to check back on these instructions from time to time, especially if you are not quite getting what you’d hoped for, or to see if you can refine them further and save even more time!

Happy Hunting 🚀

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