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  • An ultra quick tip about how to get a ChatGPT response sound more human

An ultra quick tip about how to get a ChatGPT response sound more human

... and a bonus podcast 🎧

Image: Dall-e in Canva

The amount of AI text I’m reading lately on social, in articles, and in my inbox seems to explode daily.

I even read an article just this week about how real estate agents might be replaced with AI that truly looks like it was written with AI (which is kind of ironic when you think about it!)

Several articles on this site offer techniques for not sounding too much like ChatGPT.

To date, they have been a little complex, like training the model on your own style and tone (- which is still the most reliable method) - and removing words that ChatGPT overuses.

Out of sheer lack of time this week, I stumbled on a really cool follow-up prompt that fixes phrases like “Let’s embrace AI for what it can do"… I’ve been using it a lot this week!

So here goes:

"Now say that like a human would"

What you’ll get from this is still a first draft and not always perfect, but this little follow-up prompt is both simple and effective for pretty much any ChatGPT response - so give it a go!

While we’re here, I’m on the Our Fabric podcast this week with Stewart Bunn, who challenged me with some very interesting questions!

This is part one of a two-part series where we discuss:

  • GPTs and the GPT store—will it be the same as the Apple store

  • How to tell a good GPT from a not-so-good one

  • How is AI being used in the real estate industry right now?

  • Which Large Language model is best?

  • How is AI enhancing predictive analytics and the future of the “free appraisal”?

  • Some tips on using ChatGPT for communication

  • Improving your strike/conversion rate in sales (a deep dive here)

  • How AI in virtual tours might make agents’ lives easier

  • Data security and privacy

  • The need for AI policies

    … and more.

I’ve linked it for you below.

Happy Hunting 🚀

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