Stop sounding like ChatGPT 🤬

Today's prompt of the day should have you sounding more like yourself...

There’s no doubt that ChatGPT is great at churning out blog posts and social media posts.

But, as I predicted early last year, it’s becoming increasingly easy to identify the work of the robot if you’re not treating the output as anything less than a first draft.

Earlier this year, I created a GPT that can mimic my own style and tone of writing, but I’ve just found a slightly easier way that really does make ChatGPT sound more like a human than a robot.

There are a couple of steps in this process, so to kick it off, I’ll use the simple example of asking ChatGPT to give me 5 bullet points on what consumers might want to know about hiring a real estate agent to sell their home.

The output will look something like this:

My next step might be to prompt ChatGPT to break this down and write a few blog posts based on each point, starting with point 1.

I'm a real estate agent in Broadbeach Waters in Queensland. Could you please write me an 800-word blog post on the first point in the first person so that I can post it on my website? The blog post should touch on aspects of the local market in Broadbeach Waters that show my expertise.

But here’s where the fun starts; I would never say, “As a seasoned real estate professional…” (because, side note, people don’t need seasoning… the only things that need seasoning to are things in your kitchen, like eggs and tomatoes… similarly, I probably wouldn’t say ‘rooted’ - at least not in Australia! )

Instead of launching straight into asking for the blog post, this technique involves inserting another prompt in between, which goes something like this:

I will provide a sample of my writing to help you understand my style. Please analyse this sample for tone, structure and language. Here's the sample: [copy and paste sample]

The sample I provided to ChatGPT is the text of the article that you can find here.

ChatGPT will come back with an analysis of this style that looks a bit like this

It also analysed my language as accessible, engaging, visual, descriptive, and thought-provoking.

Now that ChatGPT has given me some writing ideas and learned my style, it’s time to move onto Step 3 and create some content.

Now, could you please write an 800-word blog post on the first bullet point? I am a real estate agent in Broadbeach Waters in Queensland. The Blog Post should touch on aspects of the local market in Broadbeach Waters that show my expertise. But write it in my style as you've noted above.

The result is much better and almost sounds like me (although I would be using plenty more paragraph spacing and bullet points).

You could continue and do a bunch of other stuff - like asking for some SEO optimisation and even maybe saving that style and tone as a custom instruction.

If you want to see the full result from ChatGPT - click here. 

But remember to always check your facts and it’s always a first draft.

Happy Hunting 🚀

Create a humorous and satirical illustration that plays on the phrase 'seasoned professionals' used by real estate agents. Picture a real estate agent in a professional outfit (suit and tie), standing confidently in a kitchen, holding a giant pepper mill and salt shaker, 'seasoning' a house model that sits on the kitchen counter. The agent has a playful smirk, suggesting they are literally adding seasoning to their 'professional' skills. The background features kitchen utensils and ingredients, emphasizing the pun by blending the worlds of real estate and cooking. The image should convey the message that while agents may call themselves 'seasoned professionals,' the true seasoning belongs in the kitchen, poking fun at the industry terminology.