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"She (Chantelle) is your customer, and her expectations of you have just changed because she can talk to a computer about her most pressing questions and get them answered."

For the last couple of weeks on this blog, we’ve been talking tips on Linkedin and Instagram, so I thought I might slightly switch gears today as in the run-up to Elite Retreat, I’ve been talking to Jeff Turner a lot.

He had asked me to send him any and all info on AI and real estate that I thought might be interesting.

I come across heaps of interesting, techy and nerdy stuff.

But it was a non-techy story about AI in the Fin Review last week that stopped me in my tracks.

Here’s the TL;DR if you don’t:

  1. A regular Brisbane mum, Chantelle Hamilton, uses ChatGPT for meal planning, saving her five hours and about $150 per week.

  2. ChatGPT allows Chantelle to input variables like dietary restrictions, budget, and servings to generate a shopping list, freeing up time for her family.

  3. Hamilton, her two young sons, and her 88-year-old grandmother all use ChatGPT for various purposes, including coding, trivia, and recipes.

  4. According to a survey, about 3 million Australians now use AI-generated content like ChatGPT to simplify their lives.

  5. The article says that a survey of business leaders says fast-developing AI tech is good but not good enough to replace human workers yet. (But flick across to The Australian or Forbes, and you’ll get a different story).

Here’s why I think the story about Chantelle is special: She is your customer, and her expectations of you have just changed because she can talk to a computer about her most pressing questions and get them answered.

Just this morning, Mark and I were having a conversation about how fast you can walk without breaking into a jog.

So I asked our Google Home what speed Olympic Walkers walk at.

Google’s answer: “I don’t know. But here’s something I found on search.”

I used to think Google Home was pretty clever, but my immediate reaction to this was: “Should have asked ChatGPT….”

My point is that if your customer’s expectations haven’t changed yet, the Chantelle’s, their grandmothers, her kids and the average Mark and Sam are going to re-think what they need from you, it’s only a matter of time.

Regular people are starting to trust AI and use it as a first port of call.

How will you adapt to this shift?

Today’s Prompt of the Day

What sort of an investment did you make in your website’s design - and how long did it take?

While we’re in explore mode today, I came across an article on Bootcamp about how AI could revolutionise website design, and how, with the right prompt, you can take things like your website to the next level in terms of user experience (or UX as fancy people call it)

Here’s Bootcamp’s suggested Midjourney prompt, which you could have a play with, replacing certain variables with your own vibe and colour scheme:

/imagineUI Design of a Real Estate Agency, Landing page, Modern, Classy, Minimalistic, Trending Blue Color Palette on Dribble, High Resolution — ar 4:3 — v 5

Here is Midjourney’s response (free and available in < 5 minutes)

I decided to go crazy and ask it for another four designs, which are below.

These are really great for inspo, but I’m sure there will be an AI tool not too far away that will be able to code this as well (if there isn’t already…)

Happy Hunting 🚀

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