Your ChatGPT armchair guide to the Matilda's match

Tonight while reading this, you might just be counting down the minutes in anticipation of the kick-off FIFA Women’s World Cup Semi-Final match between Australia’s Matildas and England’s Lionesses.

So, while I have your attention, I thought I would see what ChatGPT knows about the game.

Prompt of the Day

What are the odds on the Matilda's beating England tonight in the world cup semi-final?

Of course, ChatGPT is not supposed to have any knowledge after 2021, so this prompt will only work if you have ChatGPT4 with the WebPilot plugin installed.

Here’s the response:

In the 2023 Women's World Cup semifinal match between England and Australia, which is scheduled to take place at 6:00 AM ET on August 16, 2023, at ANZ Stadium in Sydney, Australia, the bookmakers have provided the following odds:

  • England is favoured to win, with money line odds of +132.

  • Australia (the Matildas) has moneyline odds of +236.

  • The over/under for the match has been set at 2.5 goals.

Based on the money line odds, England is projected to move on to the World Cup final. Specifically, England is given a 43.1% chance of winning this match according to the predictions based on the money line.

Please note that these odds are subject to change as they are set by bookmakers and can vary between different betting platforms.

Would you like more information on how to interpret these odds, or are you interested in any specific type of bet?

I’m not really a betting person*, so I asked ChatGPT a series of other questions:

  • Can you assess the player’s form and skill on each team and tell me who you think would win based on these factors?

  • If the match went to extra time, who do you think would win?

  • What if the match goes to a penalty shootout - who do you think would win then?

  • How could Sam Kerr factor into the result?

You can jump on my chat here and have a look at the detailed answers I was given.

And while we’re on the topic of women’s football, why not a MidJourney pic of legend Sam Kerr…

/imagine Samantha Kerr, the legendary Matilda's striker, dominating the soccer field with magnificent skills and extraordinary agility. A dynamic action shot of Samantha Kerr dribbling the ball past defenders in a high-stakes match, intense competition, vibrant stadium atmosphere, HD, trending on Instagram:: Goal post, football pitch::-0.5 --ar 16:9

Happy Hunting (and go tillys!) 🚀⚽️

*My prompt did contain the word ‘odds’, which is a betting term, which I think is why ChatGPT went down the original path it did… 

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