Write an entire eBook as a lead magnet

Here's how to get longer jobs in ChatGPT done more efficiently

Two weeks ago we kicked off the digital version of my AI Powered Agents workshop, updated and reimagined.

This week, we delved into Module 2 of my ‘SPEED’ model called Power Prompting, which contains all sorts of ways to ditch those frustratingly vague AI responses and quickly get to the outputs you want.

One of the techniques we examined on Tuesday is the “Break it down” method of prompting - i.e. breaking down large jobs for ChatGPT into smaller, more manageable jobs.

This is because ChatGPT can go off on a bunch of tangents if you make it bite off more than it can chew (well) in one go - For example, “write a 1500-word eBook on selling my home.”

This “Break it down” technique can be used in many things in real estate - for example, writing onboarding documents, writing policies and procedures, writing job descriptions and more.

Here are some highlights of Tuesday’s workshop illustrating the “Break it Down” method.

Happy Hunting 🚀

PS We will be announcing a second round of the full course soon - so stay tuned!

Create a visually striking 16:9 image that creatively combines a magnet and a house to represent an unusual lead magnet concept. The image should depict a large, colorful magnet in the shape of a house, symbolizing the magnetic attraction of valuable content or offers. This house-shaped magnet is floating in the air, drawing in diverse elements related to success, knowledge, and growth in digital marketing towards it. The background should be dynamic, with abstract digital patterns and a futuristic vibe, suggesting innovation and the digital transformation of traditional marketing strategies. This composition aims to illustrate the power of a lead magnet in attracting a targeted audience by offering them something of significant value and relevance.