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What to do about that email that makes you want to smash your keyboard

If you're having a strong reaction to something in your Inbox, hand it to your assistant, ChatGPT

I get about 200 emails a day.

I know to you property managers out there, that’s probably pretty standard.

Sometimes, the emails are nice; other times, like everyone, they make me want to smash all the expletives at once.

Like this:

Top of the list is usually the ones that say something like, “I know we are not one of your clients, but would you mind promoting all of our new offices in The Brief…”

Most of the PRs/Marketing Managers that do this don’t know how much this hurts me (really), especially when there is no other win-win relationship (it’s not always about money).

But it is the equivalent of saying to one of your sales or PM people that you should just sell or manage a property for free.

For us, publishing these stories is not ‘cost zero’ - we still need to pay people to write the story, publish the story, put the email together, fact check etc etc.

And let’s be real - generally, in the real estate industry, when someone shifts jobs, people only ever want to talk about after shift and not what happened to cause the shift.

And what happened to the old office that was there? Where did the last person go… (Generally, people don’t disappear into thin air, right?)

So, there have been many a time when I have reacted badly to these emails in an emotional way.

And I’m sure there are emails in your Inbox right now that probably make you feel the same way.

I’ve found a solution - to hand the problem over to an assistant who is somewhat more emotionally detached and higher in EQ… ChatGPT.

Today’s Prompt of the Day

I’m not going to republish the email here that gave me the inspo for this post, but my prompt was:

Can you please write a reply to this email as someone with a high EQ? [paste email text, removing any names or identifiable data]

Asking for communication with a high EQ means that ChatGPT will:

  • Demonstrate an acute understanding of not just the subject matter at hand but also the emotional nuances and needs of the recipient (which, as humans, we often forget when we are in Defcon 11 ‘reactionary’ mode)

  • Likely with a degree of empathy, thoughtfulness and taking into consideration the recipient’s possible feelings, concerns and perspectives.

Suffice it to say, I was pretty happy with the response ChatGPT gave me and - it might not be a bad one for you to try as well.

As always, it’s a first draft, not a final version - but trust me, folks, this one is a total gamechanger…

Happy Hunting 🚀

PS I’ve been on a whirlwind tour of Australia with AI-powered agents workshops plus a few speaking engagements, so a prompt a day has been a little haphazard for this past week (which I apologise for). I’m on the final leg this week, so expect normal programming to recommence next week!