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"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." - Leonardo da Vinci

We’re coming to the pointy end of our latest Transform program with about 7 days to go until we give away a ticket to Elite Retreat (as well as some cold hard cash!!)

The participants have been testing a ChatGPT prompt per day for the last 23 days as well as rating and testing each other’s prompts.

And there is some pretty good stuff coming out of it, I have to say - watching everyone learn and get better is something that creates heaps of happiness.

However - I’m expecting to cop a bit of friendly backlash for today’s prompt of the day, which I probably should have given everyone on Day 1.

But heck, what fun would that have been?

Sometimes the learning is in the play, the experimentation, the cursing (as I do) and learning what works better.

Anyway, if you’re new here, you will likely enjoy this one…

Today’s Prompt of the Day

One of the things I have learned with ChatGPT over the last 6 months is the trick of going a “level up”.

(This is kind of similar to my post titled Helicopter view - but a little bit different!)

I am a [insert your profession] and I am new to using ChatGPT. Can you give me a list of essential ChatGPT prompts that will help [insert your profession] get more done and save time? Please give me at least 20 prompts...

I am a real estate agent and I am new to using ChatGPT. Can you give me a list of essential ChatGPT prompts that will help real estate agents get more done and save time? Please give me at least 20 prompts...

And here is what we get:

Absolutely, here are some prompts that might be useful for a real estate agent. These will cover various areas, including property descriptions, sales strategies, market analysis, and client communication:

  1. "Write a property description for a 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom house with a large backyard and updated kitchen."

  2. "What are some key talking points to highlight when showing a historic property?"

  3. "Generate a list of questions to ask potential buyers during the initial consultation."

  4. "What are the most important features homebuyers look for in a family home?"

  5. "Generate an email responding to a client's inquiry about a property listing."

  6. "What are some effective ways to market a luxury property?"

  7. "Write a script for a phone call with a potential buyer who expressed interest in a property."

  8. "What are the best practices for staging a home for sale?"

  9. "Create a comparative market analysis for a house in the suburb."

  10. "Write an email inviting a client to an open house event."

  11. "Generate a list of potential renovations that could increase the value of a home."

  12. "Create an introductory script for a virtual property tour video."

  13. "What are some common objections from home buyers, and how can I address them?"

  14. "Generate a list of closing gifts for first-time homebuyers."

  15. "Write a follow-up email after showing a property to a potential buyer."

  16. "What are some strategies for negotiating a better sale price?"

  17. "What are the pros and cons of selling a property as is?"

  18. "Write an email announcing a price reduction for a property."

  19. "Create a checklist for preparing a home for photographs and viewing."

  20. "What are some tactics for selling a property during a slow market?"

Remember, these prompts are just a starting point. You can modify them based on the specific task you need to complete. Also, do review all AI-generated content to ensure it's accurate and appropriate for your needs.

And yes, if you ask it for scripts and dialogues for various scenarios - you will probably get them.

Happy hunting 🚀

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