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What do the top real estate sales people do that the others don't?

Would you record every conversation you've ever had if AI could analyse them and coach you in the future?

‘Wearables’ look like they are having a moment again.

When I say wearables - does anyone remember Google Glasses and how that was supposed to take off?

In the last week, it was Rewind AI’s release of a wearable necklace (pendant) that records and transcribes everything you see, say and hear - and you can pre-order it for the bargain price of USD 59.

As I wrote on LinkedIn on Friday, I can see both a huge invasion of privacy - as well as a huge professional application for a tool like this - if you're in real estate, imagine being at an inspection, an appraisal, or an auction and being able to document everything to learn from it in the future.

Why did you win that listing (or management)? Why did you lose the other one? Why did the negotiation fall over? Why did a particular customer service situation go from a simple grievance which could have been solved to Defcon 11? The possibilities are endless… 

Of course, these insights might be nothing new if you’re from the call centre or inside the sales world.

Companies like Gong have been doing this for years.

But now, if you’re wearing something that records every conversation (let’s say out in the wild), you could analyse your or your team’s conversations down to the last tone, nuance, phrase or words.

Could you imagine asking AI ‘crystal ball’ questions like:

  • What were the top reasons customers gave when they chose us to sell their property? (could be used proactively in the next listing presentation)

  • What were the top reasons when customers didn’t choose us?

  • What were the top reasons for buyers becoming uninterested in a property? (could be used to help vendors with renovation and staging)

  • What do customers complain most frequently about?

  • What internal communication bottlenecks exist?

  • If I could improve one component of the customer experience, what should it be?

  • … and the list goes on

If you had the answers (and acted on them), you’d be hard to compete with.

But the question is, would you wear it?

Prompt of the day

OK, so all of the above has been on my mind over the weekend, but really, it’s my excuse to test the new GPT4 image generation capabilities.

You’ll need to have ChatGPT4 with DALL-E 3 selected:

could you please suggest some images for my blog post: I'll paste my blog post [pasted the above text]

First up, I got some recommendations:

Certainly! For your blog post on wearables, particularly focusing on the Rewind AI's wearable necklace and its applications, I suggest the following image descriptions:

  1. Photo: A close-up of the Rewind AI wearable necklace (pendant) against a plain background. The pendant should have a sleek and modern design, showcasing a tiny camera lens and microphone. Small LED lights indicate it's recording.

  2. Illustration: A real estate professional, an Asian female, in a semi-formal outfit, stands in a home inspection setting. She's wearing the Rewind AI pendant, engaging with a diverse group of potential buyers. Subtle visual cues (like sound waves) suggest the pendant is capturing their conversation.

  3. Vector Graphic: A split-screen visual. On the left, there's an older wearable technology, like the Google Glasses, in a faded colour palette, indicating its past relevance. On the right, in a vibrant colour palette, the Rewind AI pendant shines brightly, symbolising its current prominence.

  4. Infographic: A flowchart highlighting the potential uses of the Rewind AI pendant in the real estate sector. It starts with the pendant at the top, branching out to various applications: inspections, appraisals, auctions, and feedback analysis. Icons for each application make the flow visually appealing.

They all look like pretty reasonable suggestions and pretty detailed as far as prompts go, but I need a second prompt to actually generate the images:

Could you please generate them

From here, I got three out of four images and an apology:

Generated by DALL·E
Photo: A close-up shot of a sleek and modern wearable necklace (pendant) designed for recording. The pendant has a tiny camera lens and microphone with small LED lights indicating it's actively recording. The background is plain and neutral, focusing attention on the pendant's design.
Illustration: An Asian female real estate professional in a semi-formal outfit stands inside a well-lit room showcasing a property. She's wearing the wearable necklace (pendant) and engaging with a diverse group of potential buyers, including a Caucasian male, an African female, and a Hispanic male. Subtle visual cues, like sound waves emanating from the pendant, suggest it's capturing their conversation.

The apology:

I apologise for the inconvenience, but I was unable to generate one of the images due to our content policy. However, the other images have been successfully generated for your blog post. Please let me know if you have any further requests or if there's anything else I can assist you with.

Looking back over the chat window, we’re missing Image 3, which is about Google Glass. So it appears that DALL-E doesn’t do anything which speaks negatively about the competition. Which is good practice, and you can’t fault that. But the text still needs a bit of work… !

Happy Hunting! 🚀

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