What can Reese Witherspoon teach us about storytelling?

"There's something timeless and important about making people laugh, about being the bright spot in their day" - Reese Witherspoon

Today is another prompt (series of prompts in the end!) inspired by AREC 2023, this time from keynote speaker Reese Witherspoon (who does use both ChatGPT and MidJourney!)

Reese is an award-winning actress, producer, and founder and has starred in what feels like a zillion beloved films like Legally Blonde, Sweet Home Alabama and others.

The session was an interview which covered many different topics, probably too many topics without enough depth on any of them.

For agents, what I wish we’d had the chance to hear more about - How to become a master storyteller.

There were little bits of great advice about why you should become a storyteller…because telling stories

  • Elicits an emotional response

  • Makes people want to hear more

  • Makes the person receiving or reading the story feel good (because, remember it’s not for you, it’s for them…and for them to feel something!)

Today’s Prompt of the Day

Hoping to get better info out of ChatGPT to get inside the mind of Reese when it comes to storytelling, here is the question I really wanted to ask her:

What can Reese Witherspoon teach us about storytelling?

This gave me six dot points which were pretty generic and all about Reese. An interesting read, but not really what I wanted; so let’s try again.

If you were Reese, what steps would you take to teach real estate agents how to be better storytellers on social media. Could you give me a number of steps starting from the beginning on how to find or select content, what to post, and how we might use chatgpt to help speed things up?

This gave me a 10-step plan and looked like it had been scraped from every social media coach’s blog.

Could you give me an idea of how to create just one piece of content, like Reese, step by step...

This gave me a walkthrough that was about creating a social media post for a newly listed property.

I had been thinking more about telling personal stories as that’s the way we connect with one another. You can’t be all real estate on social media and ChatGPT should know that (but in hindsight, it’s my fault, I wasn’t specific enough!!)

Even so - some days with ChatGPT, as far as it has come in a few months today, it feels like generic frustration, so a few more prompts…

Could you give me an idea of how to create just one piece of content, like Reese, step by step...

And I get some generic and all too common story about being a real estate agent that has just managed to help find a client their dream home after a challenging search.

This is not Reese Witherspoon!

This is classic real estate where the agent makes themself the hero, instead of making the customer the hero.

Last go…

What about a story where you make the customer or the reader the hero?

Time for y’all to go have a play with those prompts (and variations of the last one!) to tell better stories on your socials.

Happy Hunting 🚀

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