We're selling but no agents have called. Here's the reason...

"You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you." - Dale Carnegie

We’ve been renovating with a view to selling this Spring.

And we’ve been leaving all the hints…

There have been skip bins out front of the house.

I’ve been posting pics on social media and asking for tiling advice.

The garage doors have been up, and Mark has been on a ladder in there putting a roof up in there for most of the last few days.

There is fill soil in the driveway.

Tradies have been everywhere, coming and going.

Delivery trucks.

You name it.

Yet, there is not a human real estate agent in sight.

No door knocks.

No cold-calls.

Nada. Zip. Nuthin.

I keep wondering how that is even possible when volumes have been relatively low this year, and also, Mark and I are not in witness protection.

So why is this?

I really don’t know, but here’s what I’m thinking might be possiblities:

  • Because we’ve only owned the place for six months, agents in the area have done their CoreLogic checks or checked their AI prospecting tools and decided we’re not selling because we’ve only owned the place for such a short time

  • Agents are way more interested in their own next just listed sold- influencer-type posts to search the hashtags of people who might be thinking of selling or renovating to sell (like us)

  • Maybe it’s just us… and the prospect you might get written about (but we never mention names unless it’s good 😂)

Anyway, this is the inspiration for today’s prompt - to help you uncover potential leads on Instagram and/or Facebook.

Prompt of the Day

If I were a seller in [enter your suburb] and renovating or thinking about selling, what Instagram hashtags am I likely to be using?


I'm a real estate agent looking for sellers in [enter your suburb]. What hashtags are they likely to be using if they are renovating?

I specifically asked for Broadbeach Waters - and got some good hashtags, including some I’ve been using, for example, #GoldCoastRenovations, #DIYGoldCoast, #HomeRenovation… and the list goes on.

I guess if I were an agent, I would be trying to follow these hashtags and maybe starting some conversations like - “I love what you’re doing there. Are you moving back in or planning to sell?”

The broader strategy, though, that I have been talking about in our AI Powered Agents workshops is this:

  • Save time with AI creating social media posts (search this blog for Facebook, Instagram or Linkedin)

  • Spend that time interacting with your potential clients/followers’ social media posts

The Save/Spend equation is fundamental to ‘winning’ with AI on a number of levels; in this case, commenting and messaging are both valid forms of content creation as far as social platforms.

You and the client become more visible in each other’s feeds.

The client/or potential client feels like you are genuinely interested in them.

This can be the start of a great relationship.

So, by all means, make that grid look nice, but don’t forget to engage and make those calls. Even if other types of AI are saying ‘not likely to sell’.

There are probably vendors like us out there who are looking forward to hearing from you.

Happy Hunting 🚀

PS - If you have any tiling advice for me, please let me know!

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