Was it written by AI?

Fake news coming to a social feed near you...

It hasn’t taken me long to get a tad cynical - but these days, I’ve been looking at long, overly formatted posts, testimonials and even ‘letters’ from clients (without names on them) on agents’ socials, stories on some news websites, even some tweet threads and can’t help but wonder - was it really written by the client? The poster? or ChatGPT?

Goodness knows they are all easy enough to prompt.

And let’s face it (pun intended) the platform algorithms are designed to reward engagement over the truth… but we won’t solve that one easily today!

Along the same lines, there are all sorts of conversations going on about the fairness of using AI in schools - pretty similar to the debate about calculators years ago - and we know what way that went.

There is a similar argument going on in Universities right now too…

Obviously, that was meant to be a light-hearted tweet, but it’s a serious topic.

I think there is a Pandora’s box of ethical issues that we haven’t even dreamed of yet, that we will all need to come to grips with.

At Elite Agent, for transparency reasons, we’ve decided to highlight where we’ve used AI - and we’ve made it a co-author on the posts we’ve had ‘help’ with.

As an example, you can see how we do that with about the Top 8 Ted Talks you absolutely must watch.

And we’ve made an unwritten rule that anything the AI does gets fact-checked and is considered a first draft or outline (and you should too, as we know, results may vary!)

Today’s Tool of the Day

There might come a time when you want to spot a fake - but bear in mind as the AI gets better it will likely be harder to detect.

Here are some options:

Happy Hunting 🚀