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Video: How AI and ChatGPT are transforming the Real Estate Industry

Here's the full video of my chat with Jonathan Creek about balancing automation wiht the human touch and finding the optimal blend for success.

I don’t normally post on a Friday, but it’s been a short week - and recently, Jonathan Creek asked me to be a guest on his “Spring into Action” series for real estate agents.

I have to tell you, I am normally way more comfortable asking questions than answering them(!), but the discussion covered quite a bit, from whether AI is here to stay to prompts you can use now to how to beat the robots in the future.

One thing is for sure: AI is not a replacement, but it is an accelerant. And I think if you don’t use it, it will be hard to win in a future that is AI powered.

If you want to learn some real super powers in this space that will make you more efficient, less stressed and smarter than the competition, I’ve just announced some more in-person workshop dates:

  • Canberra - 26th October - (bookings closing soon!)

  • Wellington - 28th November

  • Auckland - 30th November

  • Sydney - 5th December

  • Adelaide - 7th December

More info and bookings here.

Enjoy the video, and have a great weekend 🚀

Here is a quick breakdown:

- Does AI make business better?: 1:04 - 3:17- Using AI as a shortcut: 3:18 - 4:56- How to use AI wisely and beat the robots: 4:57 - 7:05- My Background in Real Estate: 7:06 - 10:56- The Early Days of the Internet: 10:57 - 12:52- The Breakthrough of AI and Why it’s Here to Stay: 12:53 - 15:06- How AI can Change Real Estate: 15:07 - 18:51- The Power of AI in Communication: 18:52 - 21:27- Steps for Getting Started with AI: 21:28 - 25:52- The Importance of Adaptability or AQ: 25:53 - 27:01- Embracing AI as a First Draft: 27:02 - 28:15- Potential Uses of AI in Real Estate: 28:16 - 31:02- Overcoming the Fear of AI: 31:03 - 33:01- Wrap-up and Conclusion: 33:02 - 33:50

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