Is Synthesia your real estate video game-changer?

No cameras, no hairdresser, no makeup: Is this the future?

Real estate coaches and marketing folks alike will wax lyrically about how getting on video is important to create a connection with your future customers.

Whether that happens to be a property tour, a market update, a video SMS or otherwise, getting your mug on video is always a good strategy because humans are attracted to human faces.

The reasons for this face thing are pretty interesting - apparently an evolutionary thing - our brains have been wired to be able to recognise and respond to other human faces.

I interviewed body language expert Allan Pease during the pandemic, who told me what made us all slightly at odds with wearing face masks is that standing in the supermarket line we couldn’t see the pearly whites of the humans around us.

When we can’t see someone’s chompers, we can’t tell whether someone is angry, or a threat, or sad.

When we look at a fellow human the first thing our primitive brains notice are the non-carnivorous teeth, so we feel safe and that everything is alright with the world.

There are quite a few more entertaining tips on communication from Allan you can catch here.

Today’s tool of the day

If you’ve been playing along with previous prompts, you know it’s pretty easy to get ChatGPT to create a listing description of a property - and you can basically turn that into a video script.

But while we all love watching other humans on video, there are all sorts of self-conscious fears about actually being on one.

“I should create a video today”

Before you know it, the forecast suggests not only a bad hair day but also a 99% chance of procrastination - and that video never getting made…

But what if there was another way?

I found a tool called Synthesia and you can basically take your output from a ChatGPT listing description prompt and copy-paste the answer to turn it into a video.

Meaning, you can call off the h&m artist and make that video in your PJs with your hair still a mess, with a cider in your hand if you really want…

So a reminder on the listing description prompt:

Write me a listing description for [property address] which is an nn-bedroom home on the waterfront.

I copied and pasted the first para, threw in a few images of the property and here is what I got in under a minute with a Synthesia actor.

And you might say, “But, Sam, you said it had to be my face” - and yes that is true - and preferable.

So I spent a little more time with Synthesia and created my own talking Avatar - and here is how that looks.

Granted this gal has more lip-synching issues than Milli Vanilli in the 80s, but for a quick and dirty five minute avatar creation job that was FREE - to quote another 80s artist, “The only way is up”.

Happy Hunting 🚀

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