Turn up the temperature on ChatGPT

"You're hot, then you're cold... " - Katy Perry

Now that I’ve been a Queenslander for almost two and a half years, I have to confess to being completely unprepared for this cold snap that we’ve had across Australia this week.

Anything below 30, and we’re all wondering where we buried our jumper collection from our past lives - or at least I am!!

But the desire to feel even just a teeny bit warmer is what has inspired today’s prompt.

Today’s Prompt of the Day

Did you know that you can make ChatGPT more or less creative based on the temperature you give it?

  • A high temperature of 1.0 or above will make ChatGPT more creative.

  • A low temperature of 0.1 or below will make ChatGPT more conservative.

I’m using ChatGPT 4.0 and here is my prompt:

Can you please give me 10 prospecting ideas for real estate agents. Use a temperature of 0.1

The answers I get here are super conservative:

  1. Focus on building relationships: Strong relationships are the foundation of successful prospecting. Make an effort to connect with potential clients and maintain regular contact with your existing network.

  2. Utilize social media: Social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram are powerful tools for real estate agents. Share valuable content, engage with your audience, and establish yourself as an expert in your field.

  3. Organize and prioritize your leads: Categorize your leads based on their level of interest and potential value. Focus on high-priority leads and follow up with them regularly.

  4. Leverage referrals: Referrals are a valuable source of new business. Encourage satisfied clients to recommend you to their friends and family, and consider offering incentives for referrals.

  5. Host open houses: Open houses are an excellent way to showcase your properties and meet potential clients. Make sure to market your open houses effectively through social media, local advertising, and signage.

  6. Nurture your sphere of influence: Stay connected with past clients, friends, and family members who can help generate leads and referrals. Send regular newsletters, holiday cards, and market updates to keep them informed.

  7. Attend networking events: Attend local business and community events to expand your network and meet potential clients. Be prepared with a short pitch about your services and a stack of business cards.

  8. Target your marketing efforts: Use targeted marketing strategies, like direct mail and online ads, to reach specific demographics or neighbourhoods that align with your ideal client profile.

  9. Offer valuable content: Create and share useful content, such as blog posts, market reports, and buying/selling guides, to attract potential clients and demonstrate your expertise.

  10. Track your progress: Set goals for your prospecting efforts and monitor your progress regularly. Analyze your results to identify areas for improvement and adjust your strategies accordingly.

Now let’s try turning up the heat on ChatGPT:

Can you please give me 10 prospecting tips for real estate agents. Use a temperature of 10

And we get unicorns and rainbows, literally…

  1. 🎉🎊🥳 Throw lavish, unforgettable parties: Host extravagant events that create buzz in the community, and people will associate you with unforgettable experiences, drawing them to your business.

  2. 🚀🌌 Explore the outer reaches of the universe: Launch a space-themed marketing campaign featuring astronomical facts, galactic images, and even space-themed giveaways to attract clients with a sense of adventure.

  3. 🎮🕹️ Dive into the world of gaming: Design a virtual reality real estate game that allows potential clients to explore properties in an immersive, interactive way. Build a community of gamers interested in real estate.

  4. 🦄🌈 Embrace the fantastical: Create an enchanting persona as a magical real estate agent with the ability to find clients their dream homes in the blink of an eye. Use this persona in your marketing materials and social media presence.

  5. 🕵️🔍 Turn prospects into a thrilling mystery: Organize a real estate-themed scavenger hunt, where participants follow clues to find properties and learn more about the local market.

  6. 🎨🖼️ Transform properties into living art: Collaborate with local artists to create captivating, immersive art installations within properties you're marketing, attracting visitors and potential clients.

  7. 🐶🐱 Become the animal whisperer: Connect with pet owners by marketing yourself as the go-to real estate agent for pet-friendly properties. Offer pet-centred amenities and services to attract this niche market.

  8. 🏖️🏝️ Create a tropical paradise: Develop a marketing campaign centered around the idea of turning any home into a personal oasis, complete with lush landscaping, poolside retreats, and beach-themed decor.

  9. 🧪🔬 Harness the power of science: Partner with a tech company to develop cutting-edge real estate tools that use AI, machine learning, and other advanced technologies to help clients find their perfect homes.

  10. 🧘🕉️ Promote real estate enlightenment: Position yourself as a real estate guru who guides clients on a spiritual journey to find their ideal homes, combining meditation, mindfulness, and real estate expertise.

I can’t wait for someone to try #4 #5 or #7 and for Lords of Property to post about it…

Which one is your favourite? 😉

Happy Hunting! 🚀

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