Turn any article into a podcast (with multiple hosts)

A great tool for agents who like to listen to podcasts while driving

Today’s post is just a cool tool I found called Recast.

For those of you agents who like to listen to podcasts in your car, it’s a bit of a game changer—it allows you to turn any article on the interwebs into audio.

I know what you’re about to say: the idea of turning articles into audio is not necessarily new or groundbreaking.

But Recast does it in a pretty cool way—it’s not one disembodied AI voice but two AI voices bantering and discussing the article just like an actual radio show.

As we’ve been at AREC on the media desk over the last two days, I thought I would convert our recap articles into podcasts so you can see how the technology works.

I noticed the generated podcasts require a much shorter time commitment than the original articles—as you can see, Day 1 has gone from a 10-minute read to a 2-minute conversation, and Day 2 has gone from a 9-minute read to a 2-minute conversation

You won’t get all the nuances that an expert writer like Kylie will provide a reader, and it’s not quite Roy and HG - but if you’re after a quick overview, it kind of does the trick!

Here’s a quick video from the founder explaining the process if you’re keen to turn your unread articles pile into audio.

I love this tool so much at the moment, you might even see it pop up on Elite Agent in the future (if only we could create our own playlists…!)

Happy Hunting! 🚀

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