The power of Instagram polls for agents

"Every clarification breeds new questions." - Arthur Bloch

At AREC this year Sharran Srivatsaa talked about how conversions happen in conversations.

One goal of your social media efforts is to be able to start conversations with your followers, and therefore tell the algorithm that you are important to each other.

A great way to do this on Instagram is through polls in your stories - so this is a nice way to round off a week of Instagram tips.

The prompt is really simple:

I'm a real estate agent in Runaway Bay QLD. Could you give me 20 poll ideas for my Instagram stories?

And here is the answer:

Sure, here are 20 poll ideas that you can use for your Instagram stories:

  1. "Which do you prefer: a house with a garden or a house with a pool?"

  2. "Which is more important to you: location or house size?"

  3. "Would you prefer living in a standalone house or a condominium?"

  4. "How important is public transportation access when choosing a home?"

  5. "Do you prefer older homes with character, or modern homes with the latest features?"

  6. "Do you think it's more beneficial to rent or to own a home?"

  7. "How many bedrooms is your ideal home?"

  8. "Would you rather live close to the beach or in the city centre?"

  9. "How important is having a garage or off-street parking when choosing a home?"

  10. "Would you be interested in a home renovation DIY tips series?"

  11. "What's the most important room in a house for you: kitchen, living room, or bedroom?"

  12. "Which feature is a must-have in your dream home: a walk-in wardrobe or a home theatre?"

  13. "What type of property are you more interested in residential or commercial?"

  14. "Do you plan on buying a property within the next year?"

  15. "Would you be interested in attending a virtual open house?"

  16. "Would you prefer a property with a sea view or a mountain view?"

  17. "Would you prefer a property in a quiet neighbourhood or a lively neighbourhood?"

  18. "Would you be interested in tips about preparing your home for sale?"

  19. "What's more important to you in a property: great design or energy efficiency?"

  20. "Would you prefer to live in a small community or a bustling city?"

Remember, the goal of these polls is to engage with your followers, provide value, and understand their preferences better. This will help you tailor your content and services to meet their needs.

Happy Hunting 🚀

NB If you’re not familiar with IG stories and polls, have a quick squiz at this video

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