The building blocks of a great prompt

Here's how to turn ChatGPT into a great real estate personal assistant

Today I delivered a preview of our AI-powered Agents workshops, and I’m giving you guys a first look at the replay.

In this 45-minute action replay, you’ll learn:

  • Why AI is the new electricity

  • Some of the things you can do with AI as a real estate agent including listing descriptions, video scripts, headshots and more

  • How to start training up ChatGPT as your new real estate assistant

  • How to summarise an article

  • How to write emails, including real estate-specific examples

  • Prompt building blocks such as instructions, context, tone and style

  • Advanced prompt building blocks

  • Tasks, tones and styles you can explore

  • And much more…

Click the image below to watch

Some tools for you:

  • I mentioned a tool called Glasp (which can summarise Youtube videos)

  • The Interior Design tool can be found here 

  • And just for fun, here’s (not) Johnny Cash doing Barbie Girl…

Happy Hunting! 🚀

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