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"Our imaginations aren't big enough to see what's coming" - Brad Inman

I would love that line to have been mine, but Brad Inman, as always, has an incredible way with words.

He went on to say, "AI will reinvent home search, reimagine industry productivity tools, replace many agent duties and speed up digitisation of the entire process of buying and selling a house. And that is just the beginning. Our imaginations aren’t big enough to see what is coming."

Today’s tool of the day

While we’re talking about video this week, something that has blown my imagination is Runway ML which allows you to create video clips from text, with no camera.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Type text into a prompt box and it will generate a video (among other things) - in this case, I’ve just asked the AI simply to pan across an interior of a modern, clean loungeroom.

Kind of like MidJourney, it gives me four possible options and I can choose which one I want generated.

I decided on the top left, and here is the result:

If you really want to go deep on AI and Video, Matt Wolfe is someone I’ve been following for some time now (even before he became an AI whizz!), but watch below as he amazingly creates and edits a video with tools like ChatGPT, Runway, Midjourney and more.

Happy Hunting 🚀

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