Swiftly fix an out of focus image 📸

Drag and drop - takes 20 seconds or less!

It’s 9:00 a.m. on a Thursday, so this FREE tip/tool will be short and sweet, but I promise you’ll love it.

Picture this: You’re backstage at a speaking gig with makeup and hair done.

You think you’re looking remotely OK until you take a bunch of hurried selfies to post on social, a) hoping one will turn out OK, and b) hoping no one sees you trying to contort your face into something resembling more of a smile than the grimace of fear that you are really feeling.

You press that red button quickly and take a bunch of photos, assuming one of them—at least—will be OK.

Then you don’t look again until later, when it’s time to post.

But we all know that Murphy’s Law of selfie photography states that out of the 100 selfies you took, your favourite will be the one that’s ever so slightly blurry, rendering it kind of unusable (at least, if someone were to pick up my iPhone, that would probably be the case!).

I heard about this free tool this week and decided to put it to the test - it’s called “Fix Blur”.

Basically, you can drag and drop a photo, and AI will fix that blur.

Here’s my attempt:

Image created with Fixblur.com

I think you’ll agree it's a pretty good result for a 20-second job - that’s literally how long it took - (and it seems to have fixed a few other bits and pieces, too!)

This might be really cool in some of those old photos from way back when in your library taken with older iPhone versions or digital cameras, which might not be as sharp as the ones you’re taking now.

Either way, not too shabby for a free tool!

Happy Hunting 🚀

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