Supercharged SEO Writing

What if you could rank for a local search term in 15 minutes or less?

Here’s where the rubber hits the road: Today, I’ve made you a quick loom video bringing together everything we’ve talked about for the past couple of days on the topic of SEO.

In this video, I’ve used:

  • Google’s Bard to brainstorm my keywords (could have used ChatGPT or Claude)

  • LowFruits to see which keywords I should focus on (aka the low-hanging fruit!)

  • NeuronWriter to analyse the terms in the top-ranking articles on Google

With the NeuronWriter ranking analysis, I have created various articles using three different tools: ChatGPT, Claude and the specialist tool

After I hit ‘stop record’, I realised that I could have demo’ed a fourth option which would be to have NeuronWriter create the article natively. Doh! 🤦‍♀️ (So many options!)

As with any article writing with AI, remember two golden rules:

  1. Always a first draft

  2. Fact Check, Fact Check, Fact Check

Note: NeuronWriter is still available on an AppSumo lifetime deal you can get it here (I stacked three codes!)

Happy Hunting 🚀