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Could you beat the robot in a game?

Do you remember those ‘spot the difference’ cartoons that looked something like this?

When I was much younger, I used to fetch the afternoon paper for my grandmother, and I was only really allowed to touch it after the crossword had been completed and the bingo numbers checked off.

My little ritual was reading the kids’ comics and playing this game - which sometimes kept me amused for quite a while, depending on how easy or hard it was on a particular day.

With ChatGPT vision, I’ve been wondering if it could do something similar and “spot the difference” between photos, so I decided to put in a before and after photo of the reno to see how it did.

In your world, you might have a use for comparing whatever old CoreLogic photos are online with what exists now.

Prompt of the day

These are before and after (reno) photos of a property in broadbeach waters. Can you describe what's been done?

ChatGPT is confident it can pick up all the differences:

Certainly. Based on the provided images, it's evident that significant refurbishment and landscaping enhancements have been carried out at this Broadbeach Waters property. Here's a detailed assessment:

Pool Area and Surroundings:

  1. Before: The pool is surrounded by a beige, textured surface with visible wear. Palm trees densely populate the area, and the grass in the vicinity appears patchy and unkempt.After: The pool's surrounding surface appears cleaned or possibly replaced, enhancing its aesthetic appeal. The immediate vicinity has been cleared of clutter, and the grass area looks more even, likely having been freshly laid or rejuvenated.

Building Exterior:

  1. Before: The building exterior seems a bit aged, with visible signs of wear and ageing.After: The property boasts a refreshed facade with a white or light-grey paint job. The arches and windows have been notably maintained or refurbished, adding a modern touch to the property.


  1. Before: The landscape was dominated by mature palm trees, with the ground showing patchy grass and some scattered debris.After: While the mature palm trees have been retained, enhancing the tropical feel of the property, the grounds appear more manicured. There's fresh grass that's been laid, and the entire landscape looks tidier. It's also noticeable that the area has been cleared of dead leaves and branches, providing a more polished look.

Additional Observations:

  1. The pathway leading to the building appears more defined in the post-renovation image.

  2. Some exterior structures or items (like the ladder against the fence) have been removed in the renovated version, further decluttering the space.

  3. There seems to be some renovation or construction materials (like the wooden plank and the cardboard box) present in the after photo, indicating that some works might still be ongoing or were recently completed.

In summary, this Broadbeach Waters property has undergone a considerable transformation, with meticulous attention to structural and landscaping elements. The changes enhance its aesthetic appeal and likely add value to the property, making it a more enticing prospect for potential buyers or tenants.

This is not half bad, but several differences have not been picked up - a major one being a dilapidated brick wall being replaced by an invisible pool fence (how many others can you pick?)

Again, it’s one of those things that you can’t trust completely, but I imagine it will get infinitely better as the model learns and gets more accurate.

Happy Hunting 🚀

PS… While ChatGPT did a reasonable job with the house photos, it didn’t do well with my original ‘spot the difference’ image.

So remember, above all else - even for you power users out there - ChatGPT is still making stuff up.

At the moment, I can’t paste a link to my chat, but here is how it went:

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