Role play your listing presentation with ChatGPT

Practice makes perfect

One of the habits of the top agents is, has, and always will be perfecting the listing presentation.

The best way to do that, obviously, is to either get a coach or role-play with someone experienced in your office (and then do heaps of them).

If they are too busy, your next best bet might be to hash it out with your new friend ChatGPT.

Today’s exercise is going to require you to have two ChatGPT windows open at once, so hold on tight…

Today’s Prompt of the day

Your first prompt is going to go something like this:

Simulate a high-level listing presentation between a seller and a real estate agent. You are the seller and I am the agent. Your job is to ask increasingly hard questions to screen my suitability. Only ask a new question after I have responded to your previous question. What is your first question?

Here’s how that played out, with me answering the first question with some made-up information.

Now, remember we’ve asked ChatGPT to make the questions harder each time. So, with the second window, you’ve got open, you’re going to ask your second ChatGPT window the question it has asked you.

In my case, my next prompt in a fresh window will be:

Pretend you're a real estate agent meeting with a potential seller. The seller has asked you to give an example of a challenging market situation you faced in the past and how you successfully navigated it to achieve a sale for your clients. What do you say?

Once ChatGPT has answered this, you can review/copy the answer into the original window, and wait for the next question.

This answer to the challenging question actually is a pretty detailed description of what an agent might do to get a premium price in a buyer’s market.

So if you’re not that experienced, it’s a good way to learn a process.

Obviously, as the “interview” goes on, the questions will get harder and harder, so even if you are an experienced agent, it’s probably not a bad way to test your knowledge, and who knows… you may learn something new.

I just want to add that you could pretty much simulate learning any kind of job in this way, too, by changing the beginning prompt and hashing out difficult process-related questions in this way.

ChatGPT is likely to generate new questions and answers each time, so you can play all day … or at least until your 25 prompts in an hour runs out.

Happy hunting 🚀

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