Not just another real estate portal?

Might we search for a home with a ChatGPT-like interface in the near future

The real estate portals use all sorts of AI to deliver agent and consumer experiences - some are new features, and some have been happening for some time.

Examples of this are the propensity to list models (who might sell next?), the matchmaker algorithms (“other people looked at these”), smarts with email marketing, and so on.

But basically, these feel a bit ‘business as usual’, meaning an established property marketplace that has gained some smarts through AI functionality.

This week, I came across a UK startup - - that raised $2 million in pre-seed funding (including some of Google’s money) to build an AI-powered property-powered engine.

Read: It’s being built from new with AI at the core.

The company was founded by a team of early-stage Deliveroo employees in July 2023.

They aim to use AI, including large language models along with computer vision, to read floor plans and understand photos and descriptions of homes while cross-referencing information with publicly available databases.

This should give users the ability to see straight away whether rooms are as big as expected, what’s nearby, how big the yard is etc.

Obviously, you can chat with the Jitty’s interface - but it also allows users to collaborate with the family, add their own photos and more.

Jitty has not been released yet - and who knows what the future is for the app as it’s such early days.

But if you’re keen on peering into what might be the future of property search, you can take a squiz at their roadmap here.

Happy Hunting! 🚀

PS Here’s a reminder of some of the other things ChatGPT Vision could also do when it comes to real estate.