No drone, no problem

Transforming 'location, location, location' into 'perspective, perspective, perspective'

The one place in real estate where AI is evolving things quite rapidly is marketing.

And, standing out in a crowded marketplace is not just an advantage; it's a necessity.

I was at REA HQ a month ago, delivering an AI Powered Agents workshop and spent some time with Serge Petrichenko unpacking a recent research piece undertaken by the group.

There were a couple of interesting things I would start doing immediately to differentiate (if I were an agent!)

  1. Start incorporating high-quality garage pics into the listing. Most house hunters say they struggle to find good pics of a garage, and at the moment, it appears to be one of the most wanted items on the shopping list!

  2. Virtual tours - we got really good at it at the height of the pandemic, but that seems to have dropped off somewhat - and it appears consumers want them.

Today’s tool of the day is a super low-cost way to fix that.

Tool of the day by Luma Labs allows you to create professional-looking flythroughs using AI and your iPhone (i.e. the Drone effect, without the drone).

Watch the video (sound down if you’re in a crowded space!)

Happy Hunting 🚀

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