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"The best TV or podcast interviews are the ones where the host is genuinely curious and allows the guest's story to unfold naturally." - Terry Gross

I do love my job when it comes to the bit where I get to interview top performers and leaders in the real estate industry for Elite Agent’s podcast, Elevate.

We normally try to get three or four episodes “in the can” on a single day, primarily so I can get in the zone, hit record and then don’t really have to think about it too much for the rest of the month.

Today, I had the pleasure of chatting with Alex Jordan of McGrath Paddington (Top AREAs agent for QLD 2020, 2022), Michelle Stephens of O’Brien Carrum Downs (Top AREAs agent for VIC 2020, 2021, 2022) and Beau Miller (This year’s Transform 13 winner).

All of them had different tips, viewpoints and perspectives, and this is what the industry needs more of: diversity.

So that you can have a natural conversation with someone, the more prepared you are, the more natural you will sound - if that makes sense.

If I was interviewing an agent, here are the things I would normally check at a minimum:

  • Results on REA/Domain

  • Previous stories we’ve done with the guest

  • Their social media

  • Other media/podcasts etc.

Before ChatGPT, this was a pretty manual process and a lot of reading, listening, absorbing and Googling.

For the last few, I had been using ChatGPT to help me with my research, but with ChatGPT’s Bing access being temporarily removed, I wondered if I could still be as efficient without it.

As it turns out, there is a plugin for that called WebPilot, which, to quote Shania Twain, “didn’t impress me (that) much” a few months back.

Maybe time to give it another go.

Today’s Prompt of the Day

Again for this prompt, you are going to need ChatGPT4 with plugins and the WebPilot Plugin selected.

Could you please tell me in bullet points everything you know about Alex Jordan, who is a real estate agent in Queensland?

Here’s what WebPilot came up with, which includes sources, relevant links and images - which I am sure you’ll agree is not too bad.

The thing is, this is pretty good for all types of research situations, and I could use it in other situations, such as:

  • Finding out about the investor I’m meeting next

  • Finding out about the person I’m interviewing for an empty role

  • Finding out about the vendor I’m about to go and see

  • Finding out about the person who’s hiring for a job I want

  • Finding out about the person I’m about to get to coach me

And the list goes on.

You are not going to get perfect results, but it will help save you some hard labour in research.

Happy Hunting 🚀

PS Yes, ChatGPT can come up with podcasting questions as well, but if you want a tip there, it’s in the quote under the headline: Listen more than you talk and be genuinely curious about what your guest is saying.

Too many hosts (particularly in real estate) make their interviews about them rather than the guest, and there is no faster way for every interview to start sounding the same.

Make your guest the star of your show, and don’t be afraid to take a deeper dive into any interesting answers they give you.

Your audience will thank you (and so will your guest!)

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