Moving pictures

What if the stories and articles we create could leap off the page into dynamic videos with a simple command?

Back in July, I posted about text on the video platform RunwayML and how incredible it is that we can create video now with no camera; with technology like Runway, all it takes is a few words, a generate button and a motion picture is made.

eg a text prompt, “pan across the interior of a modern clean loungeroom” results in this:

You can also upload an image and give directions; I uploaded this image with the prompt: “The pink flamingo floats on the pool. Everything else remains stationary”

And we end up with surf in the front yard:

(It’s kind of weird that the bougainvillaea morphs into the flamingo’s head, but I would say with the similarity of colour, Runway thought it was part of the flamingo!)

But this tech has come so far - and we’re about to take another leap with the next release of Runway which includes functionality called Motion Brush.

This totally blew me away.

Happy Hunting 🚀🦩

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