Marketing property to multiple personas

We're 12 days out from photography on our reno - so today I've got marketing on my mind.

The listing agreements have been signed, and the marketing plan for our home in Broadbeach Waters is sitting on the pool table. 

We’re 12 days out from photography, and there are more than a few things that need doing.

I get what people mean now when they say how terrifying it is to trust someone (i.e. an agent) with, well, everything - and throw on the stress of a reno, well… you probably get it!

While talking to agents, I was asked several times by them who the property might appeal to, and that was a question I asked them as well, “What do you think?”

My inner marketer says this is a piece of information you need to get clear to get your messaging right. 

A complication (and a whole lotta work) arises when you’ve got multiple different demos/personas that might be interesting - and for different reasons.

How do you come up with a marketing plan for all of them?

Prompt of the day

Before you go to the appraisal or the listing preso, let’s get you anticipating how you’ll reply to this very question:

I am a real estate agent and am about to go into a listing presentation with a client, and I hope they will choose me to represent them.I require a list of potential buyer personas who are likely to be interested in a home like this, enabling me to demonstrate during the appraisal that through my marketing I can attract the most buyers to create competition and a premium price.I’m going to give you a list of features for the property, and I would like you to provide a list of customer personas who are likely to purchase a home like this so I can go into the meeting showing I am the best choice.Could you please give me 5 customer personas which include a bio, demographics and a short story about what their interest in the home might be driven by. Here are the features of the home: [enter as many features as you can]

In my case, here are my features:

  • Multiple living areas

  • 4 bedrooms, main with ensuite and walk-in robe

  • Broadbeach Waters, Gold Coast

  • Single Level dwelling - no stairs

  • Close to the new Lanes Precinct, 7 minutes from Pacific Fair

  • 10 minutes from Beach

  • Close to supermarkets

  • Centre of Private School Districts

  • Opposite Surfers Paradise Golf Club

  • Everything is new, new kitchen, new bathrooms, new wardrobes

  • A large garage that could be a man cave, a teenage retreat, a home cinema, a home office, or even a garage… 

  • Palm Springs, holiday-at-home vibes

  • On a corner block, could be sub-divided

  • Only one shared fence (one neighbour, not multiple)

  • Huge inground pool freshly painted

The result? ChatGPT obligingly outputs some really great personas here - and super fast!

And so the list goes on… but I’ll let you try this prompt for yourself on a current prospect.

The next step in this process would be to do something meaningful with these personas, and that will be the topic of our first paid subscriber workshop.

So, if you are a paid subscriber, look out for a calendar invite with a Zoom link from me tomorrow.

During this session, I’ll be offering practical prompts on how to turn these personas into a marketing plan.

If you’re not a paid subscriber and want to get all the benefits of being one, including access to all the archives, monthly workshops, and discounts on in-person workshops (not to mention helping keep the lights on 😉) you can sign up here.

Just a reminder: Friday, October 20, 12 pm Sydney time. If you can’t make it, there will be a replay. But you know you get more from being there, right?!

Happy Hunting 🚀

Wide photo of a luxurious home's exterior in Broadbeach Waters, Gold Coast. The structure features prominent white arches framing the windows and entrances. In the foreground, there's a massive inground pool with crystal clear water, freshly painted. The pool area is surrounded by a well-maintained garden and sun loungers. Distant landmarks hint at the home's proximity to the beach and key places like Pacific Fair.

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