Making friends with Photoshop

In the last 24 hours, Photoshop got an update for the rest of us

All my life, I have pretty much done everything I possibly can to avoid Photoshop, as it’s always been far too complex.

Illustrator, Indesign I’ve spent time with them, and I feel like I understand them. We’re not besties, but we get along OK.

I’ve heard someone say, "In Photoshop, even a click is a choice. The struggle isn't in the software, it's in the endless possibilities it presents…"

And I guess for me, that’s the problem - too many choices, and I just don’t have time to learn them all.

I actually see it as the funnel web spider of design tools; cranky and hard to work with. If I just need to remove a background, give me Canva any day.

But for you guys, I am going to go there.

Today’s tool of the day

In the past 24 hours, Adobe released a Beta of Photoshop with a generative AI (read: personality) update.

Take a look at this video they released of the beta - some of it is mindblowing.

So immediately, my mind turns to real estate and what you can do with it.

So I decided to try to give my backyard a makeover.

Here’s what happened:

So all I can say is that the Adobe demo must have occurred under pretty controlled circumstances.

Photoshop and I are not friends yet, but I can see the potential so I am hoping that may happen one day soon!

Happy hunting 🚀