Make me a superhero...

How to use Midjourney to turn your own image into superman/woman

Everyone has been asking me about how to create these AI superhero images I’ve been using in my keynotes, so today, I thought I would give y’all a quick Midjourney prompt and some examples just in case you want to “try this at home”.

With Midjourney, the start of the prompt is always /imagine (then describe your image).

What I thought would be kinda cute is to create super-hero images of our Transform winners over the years (as you have to be a bit of a super-hero to win the thing…)

Here are a few that worked well for me (and as you can see, the photo doesn’t have to be super high res…)

Dubbo housing market still in strong demand despite high interest rates | Daily Liberal | Dubbo, NSW

Laura Shooter, 2020 winner

Laura Shooter, 2023 AI Superhero

Unlocking the potential: Transform winners experience breakthroughs with AI and efficiency

Beau Miller, Transform 2023 Winner

Beau Miller, 2023 AI Superhero

Adam Gulliford - Raine & Horne - Darwin -

Adam Gulliford, 2019 Winner

Adam Gulliford, 2023 AI Superhero

Houses for Sale in TAS -

Heidi Howe, Transform 2021 Winner

Heidi Howe, 2023 AI Superhero

Kylie Maxwell - LJ Hooker Queanbeyan | Allhomes

Kylie Maxwell, Transform Masters 2018 winner

Kylie Maxwell, 2023 AI Superhero

Rebecca Halton: How self-care leads to professional success

Rebecca Halton, LJ Hooker Accelerate 2021 Winner

Rebecca Halton, 2023 AI Superhero

Today’s prompt of the day

Here is the prompt I used:

/imagine [insert your image link] as a portrait of an attractive and [masculine/feminine] superhero in a dynamic pose, vibrant colours, comic book-inspired style, professional comic book artists' collaboration (Jim Lee, Alex Ross, and Sara Pichelli), high resolution, epic background scenery, realism, intense lighting, dramatic shadows, concept art, visually stunning --ar 16:9

Replace the items in [square brackets] with your own parameters noting of course the image must be publicly accessible to work.

Post your images on social and tag me… @samanthamclean

Happy Hunting! 🚀

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