"Be not just a scroll in the feed. Be the reason someone pauses, admires, and gets inspired."

Last week we dealt a lot with using ChatGPT for LinkedIn. This week I thought we might take a look at a few tips and tricks for Instagram.

On Instagram, your bio, headline and feed all play important roles in attracting followers.

Your bio, in particular, is one of the first things people see when they visit your profile.

A good Instagram bio not only represents who you are and what you do, and it can also show off your personality. And, you can use it to convey your brand identity, what you offer, and why people should follow you.

Today’s Prompt of the Day

So here’s a prompt to kick off creating a great Instagram bio:

Could you please create an SEO optimised Instagram profile for a real estate agent in [Runaway Bay], who mostly helps [empty nesters] with [downsizing and transitioning] so they can [experience a more hassle free lifestyle]

The idea here is that you replace the bits in square brackets with your information.

Up to the suburb, bit is usually easy, but for the second half, you really need to think about what you do for who and the benefits it provides.

This is otherwise known in my training sessions as “How to [yay!] without [boo!] even if [….]” which is actually not a bad headline formula for anything, eg How to write content for your blog without stress, even if you’ve never published anything before.

Anyway, I popped the above prompt into GPT-4 and I got a little more than I bargained for, including a suggested username (which is available, I checked) and some free advice.

Sure, here's an optimized Instagram profile for a real estate agent catering to empty nesters in Runaway Bay:

Username: RunawayBayEmptyNesters

Name: 🏡 John Smith | Runaway Bay Homes

Bio: Helping empty nesters in Runaway Bay downsize and transition to a hassle-free lifestyle🏡❤️. Simplify your life, and maximize your freedom. DM for enquiries! 📲 #RunawayBayRealEstate #DownsizingExperts

For SEO purposes, it's important to note that Instagram uses your username and name for search queries, so it's beneficial to include keywords relevant to your industry and location in these areas.

In this profile:

  • The "Username" is indicative of the specific niche market (Runaway Bay and empty nesters).

  • The "Name" includes a location and industry-specific keyword, reinforcing the market being served.

  • The "Bio" not only describes who the real estate agent is and who they help (empty nesters looking to downsize), but also has a call-to-action ("DM for enquiries") which is crucial for engaging visitors.

  • The hashtags "#RunawayBayRealEstate" and "#DownsizingExperts" further specify the agent's area of expertise.

  • Lastly, providing a website link offers a direct way to contact or get more information about the real estate agent and the services they offer.

Remember, Instagram is about visual storytelling. So, create posts with high-quality images and engaging content to help visually tell the story of how you can assist empty nesters to downsize in Runaway Bay. Include strategic hashtags and geotags in your post captions to help extend your reach. 

I feel like there is a whole amazing IG feed you could create around this vibe, so it’s worth asking ChatGPT the question about your area and expertise.

You could put awards into the prompt as well if you have some.

Let me know how you go!

Happy Hunting 🚀

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