Imagine an AI walkthrough of your neighbourhood

HeyGen has done it again... with loads of real estate applications

Just when we’ve gotten used to creating personal avatars from 30 seconds of real-time video, HeyGen has done it again by creating the potential for an ‘avatar in motion’.

What is an avatar in motion?

Instead of your personal avatar being a still “single-pose” image that talks, your avatar will be a three-dimensional model capable of fluid motion and complex animations.

Your classic single-pose avatar (created with Hey Gen)

These avatars in motion can move, gesture and interact in life-like ways.

So I decided to put the prototype to the test by creating a quick neighbourhood walkthrough script with ChatGPT.

can you please give me a 300 word video intro to a neighborhood walkthrough of broadbeach waters

Broadbeach Waters is not just about the luxurious homes and beautiful scenery. This neighborhood is incredibly well-positioned, offering residents and visitors alike the perfect balance of seclusion and convenience. Just a stone's throw away, the vibrant Broadbeach precinct awaits, with its world-class dining, shopping, and entertainment options…

And here is the result:

Heygen avatar in motion

You can test out the functionality here.

But wait, there’s more

HeyGen is also testing out a streaming avatar, which you can see a brief outline of below:

This 'avatar in motion' and ‘streaming avatar’ technology has the potential to revolutionise many fields, not just real estate.

Imagine visiting your GP, your kids doing their homework, trying on clothes with your online avatar, working out with a personal trainer avatar and more.

And that’s probably just scratching the surface 🤯

What a time to be alive, hey?

Happy Hunting 🚀

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