How to effortlessly remove a background from a video with AI

Goodbye green screen 👋🏻

During the pandemic we all got pretty good with Zoom - especially the ability to change the background of our messy bedroom into something more professional or even block out the other humans we were locked down with.

Those backgrounds were all pretty basic, but they worked for the sake of privacy.

Today, we can take that a step further and create awesome imaginary zoom backgrounds with various text-to-image generators like MidJourney.

For example, here’s an image I often use: an imaginary Gold Coast background (if you know the Coast, you’d know it’s an impossible perspective, but it tends to make people go, “Wow!” and think it’s real…)

So Zoom one thing, but that quick change of background has always been much harder to do in filmed videos - e.g. if you wanted to do a video market update at the end of the day and didn’t like your background, you’d be stuck with it.

And yes, there are green screens - but historically, they’ve been more setup and trouble - both from a lighting and an editing perspective to get the result you might want from going to that kind of expense.

Another area where AI is getting better and better - is in the area of video editing.

Today’s Tool of the Day

This tool, Unscreen, removes the background of any video automatically - and pretty much instantly.

Take a look:

Again, this is not perfect - but it will get better.

Happy Hunting 🚀

PS If you want the prompt for the zoom background, here it is:

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