Harness the power of instagram in real estate

"A picture can tell a thousand words"

Greetings from Elite Retreat in Bali!

As we are getting ready for our two-day conference starting tonight, I’ve created some recipes from this blog with a bit of a theme - and today, we’re going to kick off with Instagram.

Instagram isn’t just about pretty pictures; it’s about connecting with people - so I’m going to give you my top three Insta tips today, as well as three posts from this blog powering up your Instagram presence with ChatGPT.

Top tips:

  1. Follow people you meet on Instagram. A great way to get to know people you work with - or want to work with is to follow them and pay attention to what they post. Then it gives you something to talk about with them when you meet.

  2. Comment as well as content. If you can thoughtfully engage with someone else’s content, it is likely they will engage with you.

  3. Use Instagrams tools to create stories and reels. The more you use their tools, the more they will reward you!

Here are AI Powered posts you might like about Instagram:

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