Hack your real estate bio - ChatGPT vs Claude Opus

Conference season is upon us; and there are calls for speakers left, right and centre. Today's prompt is to get help in writing a bio that will help get you to the main stage!

Not to be outdone in the AI race this week is Anthropic, which has released Claude 3, a ChatGPT competitor.

There is a lot of hype about this one - Anthropic says the Opus (paid) version of Claude can beat both Google’s Gemini - and ChatGPT at various tasks.

A list of benchmark scores comparing AI models from Anthropic, OpenAI, and Google, showing Claude 3 (Opus) as the highest scoring model on all of the tests listed.

I’ve long been a fan of Claude, as you guys know - so today, I decided to put it to the test.

It’s conference season, y’all!

There are conferences everywhere—those that have been announced, those that are on everyone’s radar, and even some that haven’t even been announced yet… Of course, nothing gets kept a secret for very long in this industry!

All conferences have one thing in common: organisers are looking for speakers with something interesting to say with practical value to deliver to attendees, so they will want to come back next year (side note: here to speak on AI and real estate if you need me!).

So, if you want to make it to the AREC stage, the NAR stage or some other stage, it’s time to update your bio so you’re ready for the phone call - or the pitch you might want to make.

Today, I plan to play ChatGPT-4 off against Claude-3 Opus and pick a winner. (You can use whatever LLM you like…)

Prompt of the day

For this prompt, we will use the “Ask me questions” advanced prompting framework to get a really nice and comprehensive bio as the end product in the tone and style of Forbes.

Here’s the prompt:

You are an interviewer. Interview me one question at a time and ask me questions about my business until you have enough information to write a bio as a Forbes profile.

The full transcripts of my interviews with ChatGPT and Claude are here.

Note: because I am now using the corporate version of ChatGPT I can’t ‘share’ chats and Claude does not generate links. So the easiest way to show you the whole thing is via screen capture.

I’ve copied and pasted both my ‘bio results’ below, but here are some initial thoughts on this one test:

  1. The new version of Claude asked me way better questions than ChatGPT did

  2. This made Claude’s end result way better

  3. ChatGPT had great problems turning Forbes into Linkedin - I kind of sound really full of myself (which I really hate!) I ended up giving up.

I’ll be doing a few more tests on Claude in the coming weeks, but tomorrow, I’m going to show you where to get an AI headshot (that doesn’t completely suck!) to go with your bio.

Obviously, there is a bunch of follow-up prompts like making things shorter, more succinct, bullet points etc. I’ll leave that to you.

Let me know which one you like better in the comments?

Happy Hunting! 🚀

Claude 3 Opus

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In an industry often overshadowed by fluctuating markets and competitive tension, Samantha McLean stands as a beacon of positivity and progression. As the driving force behind Elite Agent, Samantha has carved out a niche in the real estate sector, focusing on uplifting news, education, and innovation. Founded with the mission to "Elevate, Educate, and Entertain," Elite Agent sets itself apart by committing to a hype-free dissemination of knowledge and fostering ambition among real estate professionals.

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