GPT4 outperforms humans in creative thinking

5 interesting things that happened in the AI world this week

It’s been a minute since we’ve had a news round-up over here on AI-powered Agents, so I thought I would give you Five things that have caught my eye over the last couple of weeks.

1. GPT4 has outperformed humans in creative thinking, but AI still needs humans

A recent study showed that AI language models are now better at creative thinking tasks than humans, particularly in the area of ‘divergent thinking’ (read: coming up with many different solutions to a problem).

But the study also found that despite AI’s advancements, human creativity is still distinguished by it’s ability to incorporate emotions and experiences and leveraging out of the box thinking - which AI still cannot do.

The study concludes that optimum results from both sides are seen in leveraging the strengths of humans and AI to achieve more than they could alone.

But we knew that, right?

2. Create your own song in an instant

It might not be any comparison to Taylor Swift, but Suno AI has come a long way since the first time I played with it last year.

Basically, you can type what you want in the description like this:

And then click Create.

Your lyrics, music and vocals are all created for you within seconds. Here’s how mine turned out:

I don’t know if it has hit written all over it, but it is pretty amazing!

3. Transform your video into stylised AI with Domo AI

This one is really cool - you can upload one of your videos and transform it into different anime styles - or even transform the anime video back to something realistic.

Get ready to stand out on social media by checking out this video 👇

4. Reddit Summaries

If you’re more of a fan of getting answers from real people (as opposed to Google’s Search Algorithm), check out Gigabrain, which is an AI/search engine for Reddit.

Your results include a TLDR summary and the ability to refine results by Most Relevant, Most Recent, and Most Upvotes.

This tool may not seem super interesting, but I actually think this is the bomb. There is a ton of useful marketing info to be mined in Reddit, and I will definitely put this one through its paces!

5. Text to image with text (that doesn’t totally suck)

Another tool that has been getting better and better of late is Ideogram.

We know that Midjourney and Dalle are still pretty awful when it comes to generating text in images; it still generates weird characters and misforms letters and words.

Ideogram seems to be getting it right more and more.

I asked for some new logo suggestions for AI Powered Agents - and while I don’t love any of them it got three from four generated with correct spelling.

Second try - tried to create an illustration of my dog Dave. Can’t quite spell Labradoodle, but again three out of four is not too bad.

Speaking of how quickly the minutes go - it’s time for our Paid Subscriber March Deep Dive this Friday (8th of March!).

I will be talking about some advanced communications strategies, and I’ll send the invites out in the morning.

NB - if there is anything you’d like me to cover on Friday, hit reply and let me know.

Happy Hunting 🚀