Generate thumbstopping social media hooks, instantly

Every scroll is a chance for your story to take center stage in the digital arena.

I’ve been sitting at Tullamarine Airport waiting to board my flight to Brisbane - wondering if I have enough time to build a ‘GPT’ as per all of the OpenAI announcements this week.

What the heck, get the laptop out.

What can I build… at speed that all real estate agents need?

I’ve landed on a social media hook generator and here’s why:

  • In a sea of posts about cute dogs, babies walking, and kids graduating, your real estate marketing posts can sometimes fade into the background of all this noise

  • A compelling hook grabs attention, sparks curiosity, and encourages engagement from your audience which is great for your standing with the algorithm

  • It's a first impression that can make or break a user's decision to stop the endless scroll

  • A well-crafted hook can lead to increased followers, higher engagement rates, and more conversions, whether for personal branding, marketing, or storytelling

Finally, creating hooks is easy to train ChatGPT on because there are six basic types of openers or captions that will ‘hook’ someone’s attention.

They include:

  • A strong declaration eg A well-crafted LinkedIn profile can be the difference between career stagnation and acceleration

  • A controversial opinion eg Traditional networking is dead, and LinkedIn has pulled the trigger

  • A moment in time/sliding doors eg In the split second it takes for a potential connection to glance at your LinkedIn profile, your career could change course

  • Something which demonstrates vulnerability eg I'll admit, my initial attempts at using LinkedIn felt like shouting into the void—until I learned the secrets of engagement

  • Some kind of personally unique insight eg Treating LinkedIn like a digital Rolodex is like using a smartphone solely for calls—it's a disservice to its capabilities

  • Something intensely thought-provoking eg How much potential do you think lies untapped in the LinkedIn features you rarely use

So mission accomplished (10 minutes flat!)

All you’ll need to do is put in a headline or a topic and ‘Hook Master’ - the name of the GPT - will give you thirty options for social media hooks based on these six principles - which is a huge timesaver when it comes to creating thumb-stopping hook or headline ideas.

The usual ChatGPT rules apply - the more info you can give it about target audience, background and tone, the better your hooks will be.

Note: you need to be on the new GPT4 to use this!

Happy Hunting! 🚀

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