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Corporate Clairvoyance, Direction Decoding, and Punny Pun-ditry

Claude's Prompt Library can be used to power your real estate prompting

Welcome to AI-Powered Agents’ new home on the web. Everything should be roughly the same, but I am still moving furniture around, so to speak. If you notice anything out of place, do let me know!

One thing that has changed is that I am now sending from a new email address: [email protected].

So, if you could either hit ‘Reply’ and say ‘hey’ or hit me up with a topic idea, that would help me get to your inbox on a regular basis instead of potentially being lost and bereft in your spam folder—which would feel lonely for me (and possibly of no value to you!).

Today’s topic is once again Claude 3.

As you all know, getting the most out of an AI language model depends on your input.

I’ve spent roughly a year testing out prompts and recipes that work in real estate, sometimes with great results but sometimes with not-so-great results.

It’s all part of the learning process.

These days, when you open up ChatGPT, you’ll get some prompt suggestions:

This week, Anthropic (makers of Claude) released a comprehensive prompt library for everyone to use.

These prompts should work reasonably well in the other LLMs. They are nicely filed in “Play Prompts,” “Work Prompts,” and “User Submitted Prompts” (although there is nothing to see there yet!).

Click on the link below to access it.

Here are three clever use cases that stood out for me

Corporate clairvoyant

Extracts insights, identifies risks and summarises key information from long corporate reports. Anthropic has given the example of Matterport, a company well-known to most of us in the real estate industry. See the prompts and outputs here.

Direction decoder

This one transforms natural language (ie what you might say to someone when you’re giving when you’re giving verbal instructions) into step-by-step instructions. The use case I see for this in real estate might be explaining how to do something (receipt rent or something similar) and then converting these into a step-by-step list - you could record your voice or a loom video and pop the transcript into this prompt. See the prompts and outputs here.

Pun-dit (for fun)

This one is designed to generate clever puns and wordplay on any given topic.

I’ve popped this one into ChatGPT asking for puns on the topic real estate, and I’ll let you guys be the judge of whether it was successful or not.

There are plenty more to test and trial - so …

Happy Hunting 🚀