Comparing apples with apples 📹

Let's look at things Bard could be good at - like website FAQs and YouTube titles.

On Monday, I started to put Google’s new ‘Gemini’ Model through its paces, and now on reflection, maybe I was a little unfair.

As with every new employee, you should probably give them a job on the first day they have more chance of aceing (instead of failing!)

So today, I decided to put Bard, Claude and ChatGPT through their paces on a couple of tasks that Bard should be good at:

  1. Crafting YouTube Headlines (Bard theoretically should be good at this because Google owns YouTube, and the training data should be good)

  2. Creating a website FAQ (Bard should be good at this, too, because after all the years of crawling websites, one should be able to safely assume Google understands what a good FAQ looks like) 

So, here are my prompts

These prompts are pretty much a copy-paste of some posts on this blog from earlier this year, including Jab, Jab, Jab (in honour of one of Gary Vee’s first books), and on swiftly creating a website FAQ.

Here they are:

Provide examples of compelling headlines in the style of Gary Vaynerchuk for a Youtube video that offers tips on navigating the current [Broadbeach]real estate market. The headlines should encourage viewers to click and watch.

What are some hashtags?

Compile a list of frequently asked questions and their corresponding answers from customers of a real estate business in Broadbeach. This will be used as the FAQ section on the business's website.

Could you please do that again, but could you maybe adjust for a real estate business in Australia and SEO optimise for the suburb Runaway Bay?

The results:

  1. As expected, Bard did really well on the first prompt, and you can check the results here. What I liked about the result was how Bard broke down different headline suggestions into categories, for example, Clickbait, Intriguing, Action-Oriented, Benefit-Driven etc. The hashtags look pretty spot on as well and include some good tips for using them.

  2. With the FAQs, I thought again that Bard performed really well, and you can check the results here.

What’s nice about this new version of Bard (that I also didn’t pick up on the other day) is that there are several “one-click” buttons at the bottom of each response which allow you to quickly change the tone and length of the response, as well as a quick search-based fact check.

I made this quick video here to show you how that works:

And yes, the results for these queries on Bard were better (IMO) than Claude and ChatGPT at this point in time.

Claude was closest to Bard’s responses, with ChatGPT falling behind a bit.

When it comes to producing video headlines, ChatGPT doesn’t really look as though it’s moved far from my original post (backwards, if anything!)

Interesting times for sure!

Happy Hunting 🚀

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