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  • Claude is now available in Australia and can do things ChatGPT can't

Claude is now available in Australia and can do things ChatGPT can't

Claude gets a huge thumbs up from me when it comes to transcribing long documents, PDFs and podcasts

Want to summarise a long podcast or video in one go? Claude, by Anthropic, looks to be your (not a) person.

If you’ve never heard of Claude before, it might be because it hasn’t had the fanfare that ChatGPT has had - and has not been available in Australia - until now.

The company was started by former OpenAI researchers in 2021 with a mission of developing “safe and helpful AI systems that align with human values [with] a goal of creating AI that is beneficial to society.”

I’d heard, via the grapevine, that it has it all over ChatGPT when it comes to summarising long documents - so once again, another shiny object that I couldn’t wait to try.

This one gets a huge thumbs up from me - and you’ll see why in this quick tutorial:

Here’s a breakdown

  • 00:00 Introduction

  • 00:32 Overview of Claude

  • 01:37 Differences between Chat GPT and Claude

  • 02:09 Beta Testing and Expansion to more countries

  • 03:29 Summarising with Chat GPT

  • 04:02 Introducing Claude

  • 04:34 Claude's Performance

  • 05:39 Actionable Tips from Joe's Podcast

  • 06:43 Creating Podcast Notes with Claude

  • 07:17 Cost of Using Claude - I forgot to mention - the same cost as a ChatGPT paid plan is $US 20 per month.

(There’s only one thing I need now - for Descript to integrate Claude to get the summaries from right inside Descript. Can’t be too far away… can it?)

Happy Hunting 🚀

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